Friday, May 2, 2008

I love my Shmoo!

Well, how do I follow that?!? Keith is always sneaky about these sorts of things so now I have to one up him!
Things I love about my handsome man:
1. He calls me peaches
2. Always lets me choose the restaurant
3. Looks for the best in people
4. Will help anyone with anything at the drop of a hat
5. Tolerates the messes I make, esp with paperwork
6. Surprisingly agile
7. an amazing cook, demands perfection
8. great handyman and mechanic, can fix nearly anything
9. he is the fastest eater in the world, I've only finished a meal before him once (and that was when I was eight months pregnant)
10. he doesn't blink when playing Playstation, I have to remind him or he starts crying
11. he remembers the lyrics to every jingle he's ever heard
12. he compliments me in front of people and in private
13. would do anything for his family
14. calls to check on me numerous times per day
15. he has a great singing voice
16. even his subconscious loves me, he snuggles me in his sleep
17. he doesn't care about sports, but I can't tear him away from 'This Old House'
18. I love that people love him
19. he loathes Rachel Ray, Days of Our Lives, and Alec Baldwin
20. excellent provider for our little family
21. he actually offers to change diapers, and changed ALL R's diapers for the first four days
22. he is always making me laugh, and he laughs at my dumb jokes
23. makes me grand breakfasts
24. tolerates my "obnoxious fad" of being a vegetarian
25. truly amazing father
26. he is my best friend

I love you, babe!

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