Friday, October 10, 2008

Newsletter: Month Seven

Puppy Kisses
Sweet NothingsNicknames: Lil' Rem, Fusser
New Moves: Wiggling ALL the time, completely pushing up on hands, pivoting in a circle while on back or tummy, wildly waving toys, sitting up!
New foods: cantelope, corn, green beans with rice, multi-grain cereal, papaya, pear blueberry oat, prunes, spinach, strawberries, zucchini

Dear Remington,

Today you turn 7 months old! What a month it has been! The month started with a strong category 2 hurricane named Ike. The night of the storm, we stayed at the Piper's house. When I got you ready for bed that night, it was the first time you had been in long sleeves and footsie jammies. You moved your arms around in slow motion and gave me a smile that seemed to say, "How novel!" I put you to bed as usual, only I set up your pack and play in the bathroom so you wouldn't be around windows. I stayed up until midnight listening to the approaching storm. When it really got going around 2AM, I woke up with a start and took my pillow and blanket into the bathroom and sat on the vanity and listened to you sleep over the howling wind. I could have sworn that the roof was going to blow off and that all the windows were going to break. It was absolutely terrifying. I'm so glad you slept through the entire event! The storm was so bad that it completely destroyed Daddy's base on Galveston.
You loved the attention you received while at the Piper's and you had a coy little smile for anyone that would look at you. I call it the square pumpkin smile because the shape reminds me of the kid's meals at Arctic Circle. At the Piper's, you were a bit fussier than usual. Vicki had been propping you in a chair with a pillow and she suggested having you sit up on the floor. On your first try you sat for a full minute without tipping. It was like through all your fussiness, you were trying to tell us you were ready for something new. After you started sitting, your mood improved dramatically! You've been sitting quite well since, and you only "kerplop" (tip over) every so often.
We took the pups and visited Daddy for 5 days in Louisiana while waiting for the power to be restored at our house. You enjoyed the many walks around the hotel, continental breakfasts, and sitting in a highchair for the first time! It seems you grew up in just a few minutes:
In your many highchair adventures, you have tried prepared sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, baba ganoush and hummus. You didn't like any of it! You prefer your fresh fruits and vegetables. You'll tolerate some jarred foods, but you HATE jarred peaches! Today you tried freshly creamed and strained spinach. You acted like it was the most delicious thing you've ever tasted! I discovered you love love LOVE "You are my Sunshine." I sing it to you when you are fussy in the car. Once I had to sing it for 45 minutes straight because every time I stopped you would cry.
I love a mohawkWhenever we go to your room to get you out of your crib, the first thing we see is tiny hands grabbing tiny feet. You like to try to suck on your toes when no one is around. When we peek over the edge of the crib, you always have a little smile and you start kicking with excitement. Part of our routine is to sit you up and let you push the button to your music box. The look on your face is pure pride. We make a big deal about it and you squeal with delight.
After a swimLuckily, we've been able to see Daddy more than usual this month. You two adore each other. You laugh and flail your arms wildly whenever he walks into the room. Trying to feed you while he is around is a joke. You would rather stare at him and wait for him to glance over at you than eat.
You have become more attentive this month. You have just realized that I have hair, and that hair is oh-so-tempting. Your sweaty hands shoot for it whenever possible, and I often get locked in your "baby death grip" If you can't grab my hair, you'll cradle my face and try to suck on my cheek. One morning while snuggling in bed with us, you rolled over and woke Daddy up by sucking on his nose.
You have had horrible troubles with your tummy this month. I won't elaborate but it involved a LOT of these:
PrunesYou continue to be a wonderful and joyful addition to our family. Your presence lights up the room. After we put you to bed, Daddy and I sit around and laugh about how fun you are. It is bittersweet that you will be crawling and more independent soon. I have loved every minute of being able to hold you, but I know you are ready for bigger and better things. Just promise when you start walking, you'll still come around for a snuggle.


Piper said...

I'm seriously gonna cry if I don't get to see my baby nephew soon.

The Smith Family said...

I need to meet this little man soon! He is growing up so fast. I love the picture of him in the high chair. :-)
Congrats on such a cutie!!!

Em said...

Oh, I love these posts! They are so sweet and make me think of my baby who isn't a baby anymore!! They grow so quickly!
J and I do the same thing...after Mason's in bed for the night, we sit and immitate all the funny things he does and talk about him. We always want to go wake him up just to see one of his "faces."
I LOVE Rem's little coy smile and can't wait to see him again....I'm sure when I do he will be all grown up!!!!
What a tender little boy, who has such great parents who LOVE him SOOO much!!! We miss you guys!

D + M said...

He is SO cute!! Come back I want to see you guys more!!
xoxox me