Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Six weeks to a healthier me

I have resolved to make some changes in my life in the next six weeks. I have not been feeling in tip top shape lately, lots of aches and pains have been a wake up call. I will be making a weekly goal to help make me feel better. Some are obvious life changes, others maybe more subtle.
My goal for week one is to completely stop drinking soda. I'll replace that Dr. Pepper with good old fashioned water. I have tried this before and been successful during and after my pregnancy. Somewhere along the way I lost my willpower. Keith almost always has an icy cold Diet Pepsi in his hand, so this is going to be really REALLY difficult for me!
Wish me luck!


Em said...

Good choice, twin! I haven't had soda pop for years! All I drink is water with a little lemon or milk. You can do it...maybe Keith can do it with you???!!! ha ha
Jeremy is no longer a pop drinker bc I printed off 10 reasons not to drink pop (health reasons, etc.) and he has been pop free for a few months now bc of it! He told me that the ONLY time he will drink pop is if I say he can! ha! Maybe that could work for Keef......or not! ;)

Piper said...

giving up pop is a great way to start. I gave ups pop when i started competing in gymnastics and kept not drinking it. I mean ok, once in a while i'll have something, but mostly it just upsets my stomach... I have so many ideas of little things you can do to get healthier since i'm kinda a freak in that department...