Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Newsletter: Month Six

Current Nicknames: 'Baby Son, #1' 'Remingson' 'Reming' 'Rem' 'Remi' 'Kick n Kick' 'Fuss n Fuss' 'Son of Sons'
New Tricks: Grabbing toes, tipping side to side, rolling from tummy to back, transferring a toy from hand to hand, making eye contact, intense focus
Highlights: Swimming, Playing with Pups, Daddy time, New foods, Trying sippy cups
Weight: 19 lbs
Length: 27"

Dear Remington,

Today you turn six months old, and what a month it has been! You continually impress me with your good moods, your smiling face, and your sweet disposition.
This month you sat through 3 movies at the theater without so much as a peep escaping your drooling lips. You still have the patience to allow us to eat at restaurants, go shopping, sit and talk to friends and take long drives. I have had small fears that your patience may be an indicator that something is amiss, because surely we do not deserve such a wonderful addition to our lives. You fit right in with our little family. Unfortunately, Daddy has only gotten to see you about 6 days out of this month because of a crazy work schedule with the hurricane season, and our trip to Utah. But you still recognize him and you adore him fiercely. Your face positively lights up when he walks into a room. Daddy can make you laugh like no other. You guys are two peas in a pod. I love to sit back and watch you play. I know he loves you as much as you love him. We have spent much of this month in the village swimming pool. You enjoy floating in the kiddie pool for hours at a time. We made the mistake of walking you home without mosquito netting and you paid for it with at least 7 bites.
The dogs have been particularly fond of you this month. I have gottn to the point of trusting them with you playing on the floor. One day I was doing dishes and you were laying there playing on a blanket and I heard Niles begin to growl. I was worried that he and Baxter might be wrestling next to you so I ran over just in time to find a stuffed monkey toy (intended for dogs) halfway in your month. It appears that Niles considers you his equal and brought you the toy with the intention of starting a tug of war match. Needless to say it never got that far, and now I have to watch the dogs like a hawk. Uh oh, no, no! The Pipers were kind enough to send you and I on a trip to Utah for my birthday present. In a total of eight hours of flight, you only fussed for about 20 minutes. The first person we saw was Mama She She at the airport. She held you while I went to grab my luggage. I returned to find you screaming your saddest, high-pitched scream. Apparently, the second I left you started wailing. When you finally got used to her, we handed you off to Grandma Beth, and you cried again. This continued for the entire day. As soon as you would get used to someone, someone new would want to hold you and the wails would start yet again. I think the only person you didn't cry for was Grandpa Frank. Luckily, the next day you were back to your old self. We spent 10 fun filled days dragging you around to show you to family and friends. You couldn't get enough of the constant attention and I couldn't believe how much you loved the chaos that seemed to constantly surround us. You maybe cried 4 times the rest of the trip, and that is mostly my fault because I stretched you to the limits on naps and feedings. You created a beautiful bond with both Grandmas and I hope they will be able to see you again soon. Now that we are home, you just have my boring face to look at, and you are actually talking to me again! With all of the attention you were getting in Utah, I felt like you were forgetting all about me! Your sleep schedule is quickly getting back to normal and it's obvious that you were ready for a little peace and quiet.
Today you went in for your 6 month doctor appointment. You were a champ until the nurse gave you your 5 shots! I have never heard such gnashing of teeth! I quickly fed you to stop the crying, propped you up to burp, and you gave me one of your heart-melting grins, as if to say "Okay, I'm ready to go!"
I keep thinking to myself, "This is my favorite age..." but I have been saying that since the day you were born! You truly are a little wonder.
I can't wait to see you grow and change, develop, and try new things.
I love you so!

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Em said...

Oh, he is such a sweetheart, and you are such a cute mom to write these little letters, Candice. Remington will treasure them one day! I miss you guys too and had so much fun holding Rem at lunch the other day. I couldn't believe how snuggly he was to made me want a newborn again! ;) Do you have any idea as to when you will be out here again? Can't wait to have our babies all play again!!