Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you to all the family and friends who have checked on us by text or phone before, during and after the storm. Callie especially did a great job keeping me updated while I was without internet or TV.
I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers! Hopefully our lives will be getting back to normal soon.
If one good thing came out of this: Keith's Galveston base was destroyed so he will be flying out of an airport closer to home. That might mean I actually get to see my husband everyday instead of 6 months a year!


Em said...

That would be SO great if you could see Keef every day!!!! I'm so glad you are safe and have power and are doing well. You have been in our prayers! ;)

Blue Ribbon Family said...

Candice, I am so glad you are ok! Going without power is horrid, and I am glad you got it back on.
BTW, I lost your blog address, and I found it again... I hope it is ok that I added it!

Guzman Family said...

I'm glad that something good is coming out of it (Keith being closer to home). :)