Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's a look that says: "What do you think I am, some kind of idiot?"

Couldn't wait any longer for a nice snack. We pulled over in the middle of nowhere.

Keith helped out at the Fire and Ice Festival loading the helicopter. You gotta love the passenger's shirt...

Freezing at the Fire and Ice BBQ Festival. Four blankets to keep warm! He slept through the chopper taking off and landing about 30 times!

Week 4 of a healthier me

Goal success so far:
Week one of no soda: I did fine for nearly three weeks, then I buckled and had a Diet Pepsi 2 days in a row...
Week two of being gracious: I did really well in some aspects and horribly in others. Still trying really hard.
Week three of 5 servings of fruit/veggies: What a joke! After a week of this goal I MAYBE succeeded two out of seven days. Partly because we spent last Saturday at a BBQ festival and we have spent this week in a little beach town where the only fresh vegetable is iceburg lettuce!

Goal for week 4:
Walk the dogs 5 days a week. This is more for the dogs than me, because they have been extra naughty and Keith threatens to 'send them to a farm' if they don't stop peeing in the house. They are never ignored, but they get vindictive when we leave them alone downstairs for more than 2 minutes. I'll reap the benefits of the exercise and Remi will enjoy the walks, too.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reminder from Remington

Remington would like to remind everyone to perform their civic duty on or before November 4th! We voted on Thursday. Your vote really does matter, especially in local elections!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 3 of a healthier me!

I nearly forgot it is the beginning of week 3 for my very healthy self.
Week 1 goal of no soda is still going, but I feel like a total crack addict. I can't even walk by a soda machine without my mouth watering.
Week 2 goal of being gracious is going okay in some regards and not so well in others, but it might have to do with current situations I cannot avoid. I realize that how I act is entirely up to me, but for some reason I am still having a really hard time.
Week 3 goal:
Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Sounds simple, but I haven't had any yet and it is almost 3pm!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Splish Splash

Remi just figured out how to splash. I love watching him play!

Hint of Fall=Delicious

Something about a hint of fall in the air makes me want to bake bread. This is what I'm making right now. The smell is intoxicating! Picture taken when we lived in Pueblo.

Honey I'm Home Bread

1 cup milk
4 tablespoons honey
1 large egg
3 1/4 cups bread flour
4 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 1/2 teaspoons yeast

1. Heat milk to 110 degrees F in a large mixing bowl. Add yeast and stir. Let sit for 5-10 mintues.
2. Add remaining ingredients (don't add salt directly to yeast)
3. Mix 5 minutes with a bread mixer or knead for 10 minutes by hand or until dough is smooth and elastic.
4. Place in an oiled bowl and cover. Let rise for 45 minutes.
5. Punch down and shape. Place in greased loaf pan. Let rise for an additional 45-60 mintues.
6. Bake at 325 degrees for 30-35 minutes.
7. Let cool and enjoy.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pfft! This is harder than I thought.

The week one goal of my healthier me was SO much easier than my week two goal. Especially after being falsely accused of things I did not do, having many people lives fall apart around me, and having a cranky baby son! Argh!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yay! Remi has a new cousin!

Congrats to Brenna and Mike and their little bundle of joy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I did it!

One week without soda! It has been hell. I have found that I have had snack attacks like crazy right around the time I would have had an afternoon soda. I bought some Special K Protein Water to help curb the insane cravings and munchies. It's not really helping but we'll see what happens...

Week 2 Goal:
My intent for six weeks to a healthier me encompasses body and mind. So now that goal #1 for a healthier body is well under way, it's time for goal #2: Focus on becoming a more gracious person.

1.pleasantly kind, benevolent, and courteous.
2.characterized by good taste, comfort, ease, or luxury: a gracious home.
3. merciful or compassionate

I want to apply this goal to my public and private life. I need to learn to bite my tongue sometimes, so this goal will be a good reminder. One of my favorite talk show hosts often emphasizes that you shouldn't speak ill of someone who isn't there to defend themselves. I think everyone can benefit from applying this concept to their daily lives.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What do you do...

when you drop your only brush in the toilet first thing in the morning?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Newsletter: Month Seven

Puppy Kisses
Sweet NothingsNicknames: Lil' Rem, Fusser
New Moves: Wiggling ALL the time, completely pushing up on hands, pivoting in a circle while on back or tummy, wildly waving toys, sitting up!
New foods: cantelope, corn, green beans with rice, multi-grain cereal, papaya, pear blueberry oat, prunes, spinach, strawberries, zucchini

Dear Remington,

Today you turn 7 months old! What a month it has been! The month started with a strong category 2 hurricane named Ike. The night of the storm, we stayed at the Piper's house. When I got you ready for bed that night, it was the first time you had been in long sleeves and footsie jammies. You moved your arms around in slow motion and gave me a smile that seemed to say, "How novel!" I put you to bed as usual, only I set up your pack and play in the bathroom so you wouldn't be around windows. I stayed up until midnight listening to the approaching storm. When it really got going around 2AM, I woke up with a start and took my pillow and blanket into the bathroom and sat on the vanity and listened to you sleep over the howling wind. I could have sworn that the roof was going to blow off and that all the windows were going to break. It was absolutely terrifying. I'm so glad you slept through the entire event! The storm was so bad that it completely destroyed Daddy's base on Galveston.
You loved the attention you received while at the Piper's and you had a coy little smile for anyone that would look at you. I call it the square pumpkin smile because the shape reminds me of the kid's meals at Arctic Circle. At the Piper's, you were a bit fussier than usual. Vicki had been propping you in a chair with a pillow and she suggested having you sit up on the floor. On your first try you sat for a full minute without tipping. It was like through all your fussiness, you were trying to tell us you were ready for something new. After you started sitting, your mood improved dramatically! You've been sitting quite well since, and you only "kerplop" (tip over) every so often.
We took the pups and visited Daddy for 5 days in Louisiana while waiting for the power to be restored at our house. You enjoyed the many walks around the hotel, continental breakfasts, and sitting in a highchair for the first time! It seems you grew up in just a few minutes:
In your many highchair adventures, you have tried prepared sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, baba ganoush and hummus. You didn't like any of it! You prefer your fresh fruits and vegetables. You'll tolerate some jarred foods, but you HATE jarred peaches! Today you tried freshly creamed and strained spinach. You acted like it was the most delicious thing you've ever tasted! I discovered you love love LOVE "You are my Sunshine." I sing it to you when you are fussy in the car. Once I had to sing it for 45 minutes straight because every time I stopped you would cry.
I love a mohawkWhenever we go to your room to get you out of your crib, the first thing we see is tiny hands grabbing tiny feet. You like to try to suck on your toes when no one is around. When we peek over the edge of the crib, you always have a little smile and you start kicking with excitement. Part of our routine is to sit you up and let you push the button to your music box. The look on your face is pure pride. We make a big deal about it and you squeal with delight.
After a swimLuckily, we've been able to see Daddy more than usual this month. You two adore each other. You laugh and flail your arms wildly whenever he walks into the room. Trying to feed you while he is around is a joke. You would rather stare at him and wait for him to glance over at you than eat.
You have become more attentive this month. You have just realized that I have hair, and that hair is oh-so-tempting. Your sweaty hands shoot for it whenever possible, and I often get locked in your "baby death grip" If you can't grab my hair, you'll cradle my face and try to suck on my cheek. One morning while snuggling in bed with us, you rolled over and woke Daddy up by sucking on his nose.
You have had horrible troubles with your tummy this month. I won't elaborate but it involved a LOT of these:
PrunesYou continue to be a wonderful and joyful addition to our family. Your presence lights up the room. After we put you to bed, Daddy and I sit around and laugh about how fun you are. It is bittersweet that you will be crawling and more independent soon. I have loved every minute of being able to hold you, but I know you are ready for bigger and better things. Just promise when you start walking, you'll still come around for a snuggle.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Keith started commuting for the first time in over two years! 45 minutes each way...I think he hates it, but I LOVE having him home at night!

Six weeks to a healthier me

I have resolved to make some changes in my life in the next six weeks. I have not been feeling in tip top shape lately, lots of aches and pains have been a wake up call. I will be making a weekly goal to help make me feel better. Some are obvious life changes, others maybe more subtle.
My goal for week one is to completely stop drinking soda. I'll replace that Dr. Pepper with good old fashioned water. I have tried this before and been successful during and after my pregnancy. Somewhere along the way I lost my willpower. Keith almost always has an icy cold Diet Pepsi in his hand, so this is going to be really REALLY difficult for me!
Wish me luck!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Can't do this in Utah in October...

One major benefit of living in Houston in October...perfect swimming weather!

Thank you shmoo!

Keith spent many hours (and I DO mean hours) installing a beautiful new faucet to refresh our kitchen. Our old faucet must have been original to the house, which is 26 years old. It was so gross and I never had any idea if I was going to get hot or cold water. It had two very old soap dispensers on either side that were broken. On top of that he had to install new supply lines and replace one of the drains. Keith finally got every little piece he needed after about 5 trips to Ace and Home Depot. This is the lovely result:
I love the sprayer:
I'm pretty proud of him and I think I only heard him swear once!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Savior Obama

Is it just me or does the cult like following Obama has received seem a little creepy. He seems to be viewed as more than just the "Great Liberal Hope". The religious like zeal has been manifesting itself on YouTube.

Here are some poor victims of liberal parenting, forced to sing praise to "The Leader". Not to compare the two directly, but it is reminiscent of the kind of love followers have for dictators. At least Adolf gave his "youth" cool knives. All these kids got was a lousy T-shirt.

Here are some more lunatics.

Obama, the Messiah sent from heaven to save the world! I wonder if Obama is aware of just how insane some of his followers have become. What will happen if he wins and can not live up to the God like status thrust upon him. Will they reject him? No, they will try to pass the buck. However, they won't be able to blame President Bush anymore. Who will they blame when Obama takes control of the country and nothing changes? A republican minority? Good luck. More politics as usual. Fewer jobs, same global warming hysteria. Higher taxes, high gas prices, lost wars, trillions in worthless government spending. All this and no Republicans in control to blame it all on. Eventually it will cycle back to Republican rule, but until then....

Can you imagine the destruction caused to this country with not only full Democrat control but the most insane, liberal wackos ever elected steering the bulldozer? Pelosi, Reed, Obama and Howard Dean will run this country with no one being able to get in their way or Veto their laws. How many Supreme Court justices will be replaced in the next 4 years, at least one or two? With no Republicans to block the nominees, we will probably see another Ruth Bader Ginsberg or worse.

We are in for a very rough time in this country. Recession or depression to potentially larger wars with bigger enemies (Russia, Iran), the most liberal government in our history, destroying American ideals and principles. I believe very tough times are ahead. I believe that if Obama wins, there will be a core meltdown of our way of life. We have only ourselves to blame. Republicans squandered their time at the helm. They lost touch with what it means to be Conservative. In addition, governmental control is cyclical. By all logic, this should be the Dems year, I hope not, but it probably will be. In fact I am shocked that McCain is as close in the polls as he is. Very unpopular President, economic woes. At least the wars are going relatively well. Hopefully we will achieve victory and wrap those wars up in the very near future.

The subject of "revolution" comes up every now and then as I discuss politics with friends and family. When will the silent majority rise up and take it back? Perhaps feed the tree of liberty some patriot blood. My answer is -- never. Never on a scale large enough that would make a difference. The only time I would actually fight my government, literally, is if they erase the bill of rights and especially, try to take away my guns. That is my line in the sand. Because history has shown time after time that people with weapons are citizens and people without are subjects. I will never be a subject. All it takes is for a couple liberal Supreme Court justices to declare that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms" actually does not mean what it says and !Voila! guns are illegal, just like that. So I would fight, and they would kill me, probably quickly, because I don't want to kill any cops. But I will have died a free man, which is all that matters. But until then, I will go on being a good upstanding CITIZEN (not subject) and follow the rules. Back to revolution, lets face it, times are different, we are different. Back in the late 1700s revolution was a little easier than it is now. Musket against musket, where the oppressors only advantages were perhaps slightly better firepower, numbers, better ships. Freedom fighters of the past could "hit and run", attack small targets with small numbers, etc. Think if we did that now. Revolutionaries would be slammed and labeled as Right Wing Wackos, or Christian Fundamentalists, or some other derogatory term by the media. Only negative propaganda would be spread, destroying public support. The Federal Government has access to technologies that makes it nearly impossible to hide or remain anonymous. The American public is lazy and lack passion for freedom because they have had it for so long. Military/Law enforcement's weapons and resources are vast and far superior to a guys AK or AR15. One Apache gunship would stop nearly any large scale attempt at revolution. But the most important reason that revolution is nearly impossible in this modern time is this, we love our country. We love our history, our buildings, our people. We don't want to hurt our own land and countrymen. Fighting the British was one thing, they were British and we didn't want to be, so we kicked them out. How do you even win an internal revolution? You can't send the losers across the ocean, you have to kill them all, which no one wants to do. No, I believe that the only way it could work is to divide the country. Liberals on one half, Conservatives on the other. Something no one would seriously do. Which is why revolutions are now fought not with rifles but with ideas and votes, the way it probably should be. My revolution will come when a shining conservative star emerges like a phoenix from Ronald Reagan's ashes to save us from our government run a muck, when true conservative principles are put back in place. Principles like traditional values, fiscal responsibility, less government, less tax, limited and sensible regulation, sane Supreme Court Justices. Until then it will be a bumpy ride. Keep your weapon clean, your magazines full, and weather the storm. Things will probably work out eventually.

P.S. I'm keeping my eyes on Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal. A sharp, young, solid conservative. He could be just what we need down the road. I hope he keeps his nose clean.

P.S.S. Just so I can say "I told you so", I am predicting an October surprise that may get McCain elected. Possibly something big with Osama bin Laden or a major terrorist attack. However, it would be foolish of the terrorist to attack before the election since they all want Obama to win, but I am banking on Israel. The way I see it is if people are concerned about national security on election day, McCain wins easily. If people are focused on the economy, Obama takes it because people are stupid. So if I am Israel, Obama would be a threat to my national security, because he is a liberal and doesn't understand evil and the situation in the Middle East. So around the middle to end of October, I'd bomb the snot out of Iran. Destroy their nuclear facilities before they can make a nuke. It is more than likely going to happen anyway. But this way you get 4 years of a US president that understands fighting terror and you take out a threat posed by an enemy that has called for Israels destruction. That is my prediction, hopefully in November I'll get to say "I told you so, I even blogged about it at the beginning of October!"

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ah, all I can say is that my mommy feelings were really hurt today. It involved Remington, a glycerin suppository and a lot of uttered "Ew!"s
I will not torture you with all the gory details!