Thursday, July 10, 2008

Newsletter: Month Four

Dear Remington,
Today you turn four months old. I know it's cliche, but I can't believe how big you are! It has truly been a pleasure and joy to watch you grow. We started this month with a trip to Utah. You were completely spoiled by all the doting relatives who wanted to hold you. Makes me so sad that we don't have all your family around. You were an angel on the plane ride home. But the next day you were stuck with just me and it took you a good four days to adjust to being put down. To remedy this, we got a high chair that reclines so you can watch me work while playing with toys.
Grandma Sano calls often to check on you and 'Mama She She' plays an answering machine recording we left for her all the time. Your Aunties miss you, too. You were completely spoiled with a new wardrobe with hand-me-downs from Callie and an adorable Remington Guns sign from Katie. Brenna gave you a black t-shirt that reads 'I Cry When Ugly People Hold Me' I love it!
New things about you this month:
You don't like to hear other kids cry. You will start crying a high-pitched cry in response.

You only like to ride in your own car seat in your own car. We learned this the hard way on a trip to Target with a friend who had an extra car seat.
You can't poop to save your life, but the doctor doesn't seem worried. You wake up in the middle of the night screaming just to fart.
You like to fake cry at Daddy. It is a mix between a howl and a coo.
You fight going to sleep. It almost always takes an hour to get you down. This is a relatively new problem.

You have really started using your hands, whether it be pulling them together to suck on, grabbing my hair, or clumsily grasping for a toy.
You discovered that nothing is more fun than grabbing a burp cloth with both hands and shoving it in your mouth.
You love to stand up. So strong!
You love the pool. Whether it be dipping your feet in the water or watching the other kids play. It is always a pleasant experience to take you and you sleep like a log afterward. So exhausting!
You have nearly outgrown the sink for baby bath time. I'm not sure what we will do now...Our tubs are to deep to bathe you in just yet.
You took your four month shots like a champ. But this is the first time you cried during the sticking. They left tiny bruises on your legs.
You like to have 2 naps per day. You have almost put yourself into this routine. It is heaven for everyone involved.
You laughed for the first time this month. It seems you save your laughs for the really funny stuff because you have only honored us with that beautiful sound twice.
You have become a very efficient but very distracted eater. My quiet reading time has been reduced to 5 minutes every couple of hours. You will stop eating to look at your blanket or to smile at me.
Your hair and eyelashes have really sprouted.

You are so fun to be around. We are so lucky to have such a good provider in Keith. I'm so so lucky to be able to stay home with you all day. You are an adventure and you have already taught me a lot about myself. I love you!


Piper said...

He almost looks like Buddy in that first picture

Em said...

Candice, I LOVE these posts! Remington is such a big boy in that last picture...oh, I wish he could be here to play with Mason! Mason started being a bad sleeper at 4 months and would wake up 10 minutes into his nap EVERY time I put him down. That lasted about a month, and then he was and STILL is, the best little napper and sleeper in the whole world. Austin wanted to get me the "I cry when ugly people hold me" shirt a while back too....ha ha ha ...I think it is so funny! I'm so glad we got to see you guys. Call me when you come in Sept., and we will be sure to play again!

Mike and Brenna said...

It's a good thing I'm having one of my own, otherwise I'd be REALLY tempted to steal this little guy! Can't wait to see you two next month!