Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When it rains, it really does pour

After the whole lightning fiasco, when are still discovering problems with our house! On top of all that, our lawn mower completely died, our garage door is falling off it's track when opened manually (which we have to do because our garage door opener got fried) brisket is no longer on sale, our home alarm had to be fixed and Niles keeps throwing up. AND IT'S HOT...AND HUMID. UGH!!! Dave Ramsey's emergency fund idea really hits home on days like these.
This gives me pause.
Actually, a lot of nice things have happened too. Our friendly old neighbors brought us a beautiful handmade baby blanket, we got Remington's first professional pictures taken (very impressed with Target's portrait studio,) Keith watched Remington so I could go to lunch with a friend, and the dogs learned a new trick this week.

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Piper said...

whats the trick?? and why is brisket not on sale?