Friday, July 25, 2008

Notta Lotta

Not too much going on around here. We think Bax is allergic to fleas. He tears up his skin with itching and scratching. I have bathed him twice this week, tried garlic powder in his food, lavender spray on him and the furniture, and last night I covered him in baby lotion to see if that helps the redness. I spend a good amount of time vacuuming in case we have any more fleas hanging out. Exciting, huh?

People have been asking me a lot 'What do you DO all day when Keith is out of town?' As if taking care of a baby, two dogs, a house and a huge yard by myself isn't enough work. Well, we go to the store, the pool, the library, the mall and to visit friends. We go on walks when it's not too hot, and we do tummy time inside when it's rainy or muggy. Oh, and we watch JEOPARDY! and lots of it.

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Piper said...

don't forget trying to convince Gigi to move to Houston. I'm on a see-saw here!!