Thursday, April 29, 2010

Marshall Cooing

This one is for the ladies! Marshall showing the love!

Monday, April 26, 2010

How much does he love to be outside?

I'll let you be the judge of that!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

In a swing

That was then (May 2008)
This is now (April 2010)
That swing continues to perplex young infants!

This weekend...

Baxter went for "a walk"

Marshall decided to take up boxing

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why we love Bubba!

Bubba just left us after being here for a whole week! Poor guy didn't know what he was getting himself into! It's just not the same around here now that we have kids. Little did he know how long it takes to get up and running everyday. I warned him about the Texas time warp and how the day FLIES by. I don't think he believed me until the 3rd or 4th day.

The guys spent most of their time preparing and eating meat! LOTS OF MEAT!

When they weren't doing that, Bubba spent almost all of his time holding Remi, or at least chasing him around. I've never seen a boy so in love with and scared of his uncle at the same time. Bubba gave Remi his very first Nerf gun, and the kid has barely put it down since.
Why we love Bubba...
He puts up with Remi's antics:
Lets the kid hang out with the guys:
He's not afraid to get his hands dirty:

Getting bigger by the minute...

The amount of Pipers in Texas is growing! We always have fun getting together with them!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Meat, glorious meat!

Keith loves it when Bubba comes for a visit. It always means he gets to overload on MEAT, MEAT, MEAT!!! I don't know how he survives the other 51 weeks a year...
The week started out with ribs a plenty:
Who doesn't love a good smoked chicken (Keith said it was the best chicken he's ever had!)
Dig in, fells!
My least favorite event is the crawfish boil. It means that lots of nasty mud bugs come into the house alive, never again to return to the outside world. Let's just say I make myself scarce when it's time to throw them in the pot!
For a crawfush boil you will need some of these:
Some of those:
A couple of these:
Lots of nasty:
To make all of this:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Look at those lashes!

After a very long day of playing with friends and family, Remington could not keep his eyes open for one second longer!
This is how I found him at the dinner table. 6:30pm
He didn't wake up until 7:30 the following morning. Now that's tired!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smile McGoo

Just a hint of a grin :)

Friday, April 9, 2010


We achieved the impossible! The little ones and I had our first successful outing alone! We journeyed to the mall for storytime, but Remi really just wants to ride the elevator 50 times. It was the maiden voyage of the double stroller.
Waiting for the precious:He did this the whole time:
We had to stop for some French fries:

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Our little Sith Lord

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It is well into planting season here in Houston. We finally took the plunge and threw down some $ to freshen our flower beds and patio. Last year we planted herbs in pots, and after discovering what we actually use, we decided to scale it back to the essentials:
Flat Leaf Italian Parsley:
Sweet Basil:

We also opted to buy a potted tomato plant with a cage (ours got a little wonky last year)
Added a little color for fun.
And there you have it!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail.

This Easter was spent in the hot Houston weather. Saturday we packed up the little family and headed to the annual Picnic in the Park at Town Center. They have a host of fun activities for kids, craft booths, food and music. By the time we got there all the candy had been violently gutted out of the eggs by vicious little candy snatchers, so we made due just walking around and taking in the sights.
On Easter we spent the day with friends. We met up with Keith's coworker and wife for Sunday brunch at a local Mexican restaurant, then met up with another coworker for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. Man, am I glad Remi doesn't understand the significance of all those eggs! CANDY!
Little nugget was a champ the entire weekend. I think he likes going on little adventures. Now we just need him to learn to sleep at night!
Tried to get a cute picture of Marshall in his Easter outfit:
Remi wanted in on the action:
Can I have a pony?
Scoping out the petting zoo:
Easter egg wasteland. All he managed to get was a lousy Tootsie Roll :(

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Danielle!

A very happy birthday to a sweet, willowy, beautiful 14 year old! To the only one in her house that can successfully view our blog! We miss you and love you! Enjoy the Latin.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Marshall Newletter: Month One

Nicknames: Nugget, Mr. Marshall, Marshmallow, Mr. Marshall my mutt.
Visitors: Grandma Beth, Auntie Katie, Mama SheShe, Callie and family, Vicki P
Traveled to: Pete's Burger, Saltgrass Steakhouse, Walmart, Target, Antique Center of Texas

Dear Marshall,

Today you turn one month old! What a whirlwind it has been!

I knew I would like you from the second we touched noses in the operating room. You had been screaming, understandable given the fact you had just been born, but once they placed you by my face and I smelled your baby breath, you quieted down just long enough for me to get a good look at you. A short time later you were brought to the recovery room to try to eat. I was expecting a bit of a struggle, but you started eating like a ravenous little wolf. Even the nurses were impressed that you took to it so easily! The next 4 days were spent in the hospital getting to know each other, Dada, and Remi and Grandma Sano when she was able to bring him. We were discharged from the hospital with flying colors, and it has almost been smooth sailing ever since.

The only minor hiccups so far have been a slight case of jaundice in the hospital, #2 that smells like sulfur and I'll embarrass you here and let the internet know that you have the loudest and most heinous toots I've ever heard come out of something so small. I mean really, how is that even possible?

Some funny mannerisms are beginning to become obvious. First, you LOVE to snuggle. You will burrow into anyone's shoulder and you love to be held close. On the flip side, you HATE being swaddled. We bought special swaddle suits that you break free from just so you can have your hands by your face.
You don't like to stretch. You much prefer to stay curled up in a little ball.
You grunt constantly, especially at night when we are trying to sleep. You could be crying at the top of your lungs and it wouldn't wake Dada up, but your grunting will wake him up every time.
You are like your Mama in that you will try really hard to stay awake to be part of the action. Even to the point of tears. It is very obvious when you need a sleep.

We are still trying to determine whose features you have inherited. Sometimes you look like Remi, other times I see myself, but one thing is certain: your little Sano brow is developing nicely. You have a nice head of hair with a bit of a mullet, long slender feet and fat little thighs. You are a little chunk. Between your first and second doctor appointments you gained 10 ounces! It's safe to say that you are not starving! We have noticed that you scowl a lot at Daddy, but you also make clever little faces at anyone who will chat with you. In the last week you have begun to coo and at 4 weeks you started to grace us with little smiles! Other big events have included your umbilical cord falling off into a poopy diaper, needing your nails trimmed what seems like every other day, and you have officially graduated from sponge baths to sink baths. You are already nearly filling out 3 month old outfits, too!

Everyone in this house is in love with you! Your big brother Remi loves to wave to you, poke your eyes and tickle your toes. Niles has no use for you, but Baxter is very curious and tries to sniff you and give you puppy kisses. One of the coziest place you've discovered is Dada's arms right before bedtime. You never looked so peaceful as you do when you and Dada are sleepy snuggling.

In a short month, you've brought us so much extra joy, we didn't think it was possible! Our little family is feeling more complete each and every day!
I love you, Nugget!
Just born:

One month old:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Valuable lesson

Keith here.
A friend at work showed me this video. It is brilliant and hilarious. You might even learn something about yourself. Enjoy.

So, who are you? Are you the crazy leader, the first follower or one of the cowardly masses that only get involved when it is socially acceptable? Personally, I don't want to lead or follow. I want to be the only guy left, sitting on the grass, laughing at all the dancing idiots. This short video is a micro example of a macro problem, that people are sheep. It is nice to be able to separate yourself from a "movement" or ideology and remain an objective, independent thinker. Intellectual freedom is not without a down side, though. Sometimes you want to be a part of the group, they seem so happy. But to do so would be an assault on your mind. That and all the dancing idiots think that there is something wrong with you, not them, since you won't join them.

Some of you may say that I am a sheep because I am a Republican and rather outspoken in my political beliefs. Perhaps I am, but I don't think so. I do not follow in lock step what the Republican party believes. I do not like McCain or Palin. Even Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly bug me. I even think that a good majority of the tea party folks are kooks. I think the Republicans have been idiots, but I hate liberals more. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I am conservative and since Republicans are more in line with my thinking, I support them. Does that make me a blind follower?