Monday, February 21, 2011

To Keep it Interesting...

It's gonna be a little quiet around here for a little while during our crazy transition! Go enjoy some cake!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Marshall Newsletter: Eleven Months

Nicknames: Mr., Little, Moo-me, Bubba, Mar-shall be quiet, Miggy

No teeth yet, but we can see your gums swelling with little white buds.

You cry if you get talked to too sternly.

Daddy used a serious voice with you when you were being a little reckless. You cried and screamed like the world was coming to an end. Daddy went to sit down on a chair, you stopped crying, followed him to the chair, touched his leg, looked at him, and started scream-crying again, reminding him that you would not forgive him.
You have a similar reaction when I'm trying to change your diaper and you are using all of your might to roll away. If I dare speak your name with too harsh a tone, you cry like I have beaten you with a stick. I don't know where this emotional little creature came from.

Once you started crawling, I tried to confine you to the carpeted area of the family room with cushions, the pack and play, toy baskets and pillows. I did the same thing for Remi when he started crawling. Barriers be damned! Nothing can hold you back! How many times did you climb over the pillows and bump your head on the tile trying to free yourself? I learned very quickly to not fence you in! I hope this is an indication of what kind of person you will grow up to be! Never giving up, no matter the obstacle! Your destinations with all of your freedom generally tend to be the dog cage, the kitchen table, or the lazy susan (or "lazy b!tch" as Dad calls it), but has expanded to the breakfast room windows, the laundry room and the dog dish. Lovely.

Remi has been inviting you to play trains with him in the front foyer, even though he can't stand it when you take apart his tracks. Even so, he wants you around. He tries to distract you by giving you things to play with, or just getting fed up and forcing you to the floor. He is always asking for "Bebe, Bebe, Bebe!" He hears you cry and he gasps for you. Big brother is still rough with you, but he is learning that you can be a lot of fun if treated properly. He is also starting to push you to your limits, and I'm starting to see glimpses of the future when you two will be trying to seriously beat each other up. I have caught you screeching at Remi with your toothless mouth, twisted into a snarl, attacking brother with tiny little claws. Even so, you obviously love him. You love going to Remi's preschool, I swear you have more fun than he does! You clap to the music, dance, and flirt with the teachers and other parents.

How can a little nugget be so cantankerous and yet so sweet? It is a question I ask myself almost daily. This stems from the fact that you still don't sleep through the night and barely take naps. You always end up in bed with us during the night. I swear you get up and levitate out of your crib and under our covers. When morning rolls around, I have no recollection of going to get you. Mama can't operate off of the amount of sleep you are giving her! On the flip side, you love to snuggle, be bounced and you just recently started giving kisses.

Your vocabulary is starting to blossom. You imitate tone perfectly, and you can say "Dada," "Mama" and a version of "all done." Sometimes if my back is turned, I can't tell between your jibber-jabbering or Remi's. Your favorite thing to say is most definitely "Dada," and you say it with such tenderness that it makes me want to cry.

You are a kid on the go! You are the fastest crawler I have ever seen, you are right on the verge of walking, you love toys that you can climb or push. You love to give high-fives, and you love to stick your fingers in the mouth or nose of anyone who dares to get close enough.

You are so fun, I love your square-pumpkin smile and your wicked little giggles. I love the joy you bring to our family.

I love you, Little!

Love, Mama

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Bittersweet, but still happy to say: SOLD!
Our house of 4 years sat pretty stagnant on the market for 5 months. Suddenly received an offer after nearly a dozen showings. If everything goes well we will be homeowners no longer by the end of the month!