Sunday, October 5, 2008

Savior Obama

Is it just me or does the cult like following Obama has received seem a little creepy. He seems to be viewed as more than just the "Great Liberal Hope". The religious like zeal has been manifesting itself on YouTube.

Here are some poor victims of liberal parenting, forced to sing praise to "The Leader". Not to compare the two directly, but it is reminiscent of the kind of love followers have for dictators. At least Adolf gave his "youth" cool knives. All these kids got was a lousy T-shirt.

Here are some more lunatics.

Obama, the Messiah sent from heaven to save the world! I wonder if Obama is aware of just how insane some of his followers have become. What will happen if he wins and can not live up to the God like status thrust upon him. Will they reject him? No, they will try to pass the buck. However, they won't be able to blame President Bush anymore. Who will they blame when Obama takes control of the country and nothing changes? A republican minority? Good luck. More politics as usual. Fewer jobs, same global warming hysteria. Higher taxes, high gas prices, lost wars, trillions in worthless government spending. All this and no Republicans in control to blame it all on. Eventually it will cycle back to Republican rule, but until then....

Can you imagine the destruction caused to this country with not only full Democrat control but the most insane, liberal wackos ever elected steering the bulldozer? Pelosi, Reed, Obama and Howard Dean will run this country with no one being able to get in their way or Veto their laws. How many Supreme Court justices will be replaced in the next 4 years, at least one or two? With no Republicans to block the nominees, we will probably see another Ruth Bader Ginsberg or worse.

We are in for a very rough time in this country. Recession or depression to potentially larger wars with bigger enemies (Russia, Iran), the most liberal government in our history, destroying American ideals and principles. I believe very tough times are ahead. I believe that if Obama wins, there will be a core meltdown of our way of life. We have only ourselves to blame. Republicans squandered their time at the helm. They lost touch with what it means to be Conservative. In addition, governmental control is cyclical. By all logic, this should be the Dems year, I hope not, but it probably will be. In fact I am shocked that McCain is as close in the polls as he is. Very unpopular President, economic woes. At least the wars are going relatively well. Hopefully we will achieve victory and wrap those wars up in the very near future.

The subject of "revolution" comes up every now and then as I discuss politics with friends and family. When will the silent majority rise up and take it back? Perhaps feed the tree of liberty some patriot blood. My answer is -- never. Never on a scale large enough that would make a difference. The only time I would actually fight my government, literally, is if they erase the bill of rights and especially, try to take away my guns. That is my line in the sand. Because history has shown time after time that people with weapons are citizens and people without are subjects. I will never be a subject. All it takes is for a couple liberal Supreme Court justices to declare that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms" actually does not mean what it says and !Voila! guns are illegal, just like that. So I would fight, and they would kill me, probably quickly, because I don't want to kill any cops. But I will have died a free man, which is all that matters. But until then, I will go on being a good upstanding CITIZEN (not subject) and follow the rules. Back to revolution, lets face it, times are different, we are different. Back in the late 1700s revolution was a little easier than it is now. Musket against musket, where the oppressors only advantages were perhaps slightly better firepower, numbers, better ships. Freedom fighters of the past could "hit and run", attack small targets with small numbers, etc. Think if we did that now. Revolutionaries would be slammed and labeled as Right Wing Wackos, or Christian Fundamentalists, or some other derogatory term by the media. Only negative propaganda would be spread, destroying public support. The Federal Government has access to technologies that makes it nearly impossible to hide or remain anonymous. The American public is lazy and lack passion for freedom because they have had it for so long. Military/Law enforcement's weapons and resources are vast and far superior to a guys AK or AR15. One Apache gunship would stop nearly any large scale attempt at revolution. But the most important reason that revolution is nearly impossible in this modern time is this, we love our country. We love our history, our buildings, our people. We don't want to hurt our own land and countrymen. Fighting the British was one thing, they were British and we didn't want to be, so we kicked them out. How do you even win an internal revolution? You can't send the losers across the ocean, you have to kill them all, which no one wants to do. No, I believe that the only way it could work is to divide the country. Liberals on one half, Conservatives on the other. Something no one would seriously do. Which is why revolutions are now fought not with rifles but with ideas and votes, the way it probably should be. My revolution will come when a shining conservative star emerges like a phoenix from Ronald Reagan's ashes to save us from our government run a muck, when true conservative principles are put back in place. Principles like traditional values, fiscal responsibility, less government, less tax, limited and sensible regulation, sane Supreme Court Justices. Until then it will be a bumpy ride. Keep your weapon clean, your magazines full, and weather the storm. Things will probably work out eventually.

P.S. I'm keeping my eyes on Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal. A sharp, young, solid conservative. He could be just what we need down the road. I hope he keeps his nose clean.

P.S.S. Just so I can say "I told you so", I am predicting an October surprise that may get McCain elected. Possibly something big with Osama bin Laden or a major terrorist attack. However, it would be foolish of the terrorist to attack before the election since they all want Obama to win, but I am banking on Israel. The way I see it is if people are concerned about national security on election day, McCain wins easily. If people are focused on the economy, Obama takes it because people are stupid. So if I am Israel, Obama would be a threat to my national security, because he is a liberal and doesn't understand evil and the situation in the Middle East. So around the middle to end of October, I'd bomb the snot out of Iran. Destroy their nuclear facilities before they can make a nuke. It is more than likely going to happen anyway. But this way you get 4 years of a US president that understands fighting terror and you take out a threat posed by an enemy that has called for Israels destruction. That is my prediction, hopefully in November I'll get to say "I told you so, I even blogged about it at the beginning of October!"


Em said...

Whoa, those kids ARE creepy! Yeah, I have been pretty shocked by how people seem to be in trance when they talk about Obama or see him on TV.
If things do get crazy, we'll just have to make sure we have the three most important things people will be wanting: guns/ammo, food, and shelter. Yay for food storage! ;)

Cruze Family said...

Keith, didn't you know that this is the Second coming and he has come to save us?