Monday, November 10, 2008

Newsletter: Month Eight

8 months old!
New tricks: Johnny Jump Up! Slapping legs, splashing in the tub, reaching for Mama, locking hands together, trying to play peek-a-boo, scooting backwards, grabbing Mama's hair and Daddy's chest hair on purpose, bouncing
New foods: avocado, butternut squash, biter biscuits, sweet potato puffs, pears,
New nicknames: Mister, Remmers, Remerson
Physical developments: No teeth yet, learning to chew, trying to understand the whole hand-to-mouth thing with food
Events to remember: The US elected it's first black president, Barack Obama

Dear Remington,

Today you turn eight months old!

This month has flown by.
This month We have been playing hotel for the last three weeks, so you have seen strangers coming and going. You almost always had a smile for them. You are still sweet as can be but becoming more particular about the way things go in your world. You are letting your voice be heard about everything, whether it be whining when you don't want to lay on your back, crying when we take away a toy, or screaming when you are not quite ready to go to bed.
Trying to figure out the subtle nuances of the binki:
Your sleeping schedule has been disrupted by all the commotion in our lives, and you have been waking up frequently in the middle of the night. Sometimes it is because you are hungry or cold, but I think it is mostly because you want to snuggle.
You are quite the snuggler. You need hugs when you get hurt and you like to cozy up after a long nap. This month was the first time you hurt yourself. Once when you dropped a toy phone on your face and again when you got your fingers stuck in a shopping cart. It was so sad and sweet at the same time. Your cry was so genuine and you really needed an extra snuggle.
Lots of new experiences have been so fun. You got a new swing that we hung from the patio. It is relaxing for both of us. You swing while I read or take in some sun. You have started to use your new big boy car seat since learning how to sit in a shopping cart and high chair. It is quite plush and you seem very comfy, but I do miss being able to cart you around in your carrier! Another fun thing for us has been reading a book called Five Noisy Ducks. It 'quacks' when you push a button and sometimes I have to restrain you so I can read without having to scream over quacking. You love all books and pat the pages while Daddy or I read to you.
This month you have shown us your fears. You are starting to experience more stranger danger, but you will smile at them if Mama or Daddy are holding you. Apparently. you are also afraid of large dogs. I have never had you clutching to me the way you did when you met our friend's 2 100lb dogs.
This month has been one of travel. Daddy took us on a business trip to Port O'Connor. It was nearly a four hour drive. You did pretty good. We had to stop at the two hour mark to feed you and change you, but for the most part you were very pleasant. The only time you really cried was when the sun got in your eyes. When we arrived at our destination, you enjoyed playing on the bed at the hotel, taking walks along the pier, and sitting in a highchair in restaurants.
We enjoyed your first Halloween this month. You were the requisite pumpkin. I dressed you up and took you up and down the street with a friend. You were so proud to hold your tin pumpkin pail and shook it so much that your candy would fall out on the street. Trick or treating seems silly at your age, but the little old ladies on our street just loved you and gave you lots of candy that I quickly ate on your behalf.

We also took you to vote this month. Well, you didn't vote, but we did. You were so cute in your 'Vote Now' T-shirt:
Daddy has been enjoying getting to see you every night instead of every two weeks. You always have a big goofy grin for him, and he makes you laugh like no one else can. He has been great in trying to help you learn how to crawl forward, but at this point scooting backwards seems to suit you. You love to play 'Tick Tock Baby Clock' with Daddy. He also lets you 'boing' (bounce) on his lap. You love it when he hangs you upside by the ankles. Your greatest joy seems to come from slapping his face. I think you like the sound of a slap.

Remington, you are getting the independent bug and I look forward to you being on the move. I love to see the look on your face when you are proud. You have a lot to be proud of! You are becoming so curious and your little face is so inquisitive. I love to teach you new things. You are growing at the speed of light and we are loving every minute of it. "Stay golden, Ponyboy!"


em said...

these letters are always so tender and sweet and make me want to cry.;) thank you for sharing these milestone letters, I can't believe how much babies can learn in such a short time. Remington is adorable and he is so lucky to have you and keith as his parents...I'll bet THAT is why he always has a proud little look on his's bc he knows he is SO loved by his mama and daddy! wish you were here with us for our girls' outings we have going on this month. miss ya!

Blue Ribbon Family said...

I cant believe how big Remi is! WOW! I hope you are doing well!