Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 6 of a healthier me!

Week 6 is finally here! I should have posted this on Wednesday, but then I started procrastinating and after that I couldn't think of a good goal. Well, here goes anyway!
Week 6 goal:
Do 50 sit-ups a day!
I started doing this once I felt up to it after Remi was born, then I fell into a slump and started doing it again last week. It's easy to do while Rem has tummy time, and he thinks it's kinda funny. I try to let him participate by incorporating him into the sit-ups, so we both have fun.

It's been a good six weeks. I haven't always stuck to my goals, but it helped open my eyes to what I should be doing to improve my life.
By far the most difficult goal was to be more gracious. It was if I was being tested that particular week.
I encourage everyone to make simple goals to enrich your life!

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