Saturday, November 29, 2008

Must See!!!

Keith here. Last year we started what has become, and I hope will continue to be, a new Sano tradition. After Thanksgiving we have a lazy weekend movie marathon. We pick a movie series and try to finish it within a couple days. We almost never leave the house and eat only leftovers. It is fun. Last year we watched Heroes Season 1. Loved it. This year we watched the HBO mini series John Adams. We were blown away. The acting was close to spectacular (some extras sucked). The cinematography and CG was perfect. The show follows David McCullough's Pulitzer prize winning book and was produced by Tom Hanks. It is seven parts, around 8.5 hours total. We were both blown away by the quality of the production and the surprising storyline which follows John and Abigail's inspiring relationship as much or more than it follows the political events of his life. It cuts out all the whitewashing and romanticizing history has bestowed upon our founding fathers and show them as they were, extraordinary men in extraordinary times, but also very human. As historically accurate as is possible with incredible attention to detail, this film should be required viewing for every citizen.

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