Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Well another gluttonous Halloween has come and gone. It was a lot of fun. Candice made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.

We carved some pumpkins while Marshall soaked up some sun in the swing.

We went trick or treating with Callie's family and Sam, Remi's buddy. Marshall was a pumpkin and Remington dressed up as an elevator since he is totally obsessed with them.

Candice designed his costume out of an old diaper box. She is so clever!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A New Tongue

Marshall was born tongue-tied. It never was a problem because he was a great eater. We've been eye-balling Marshall's tongue for a while, hoping his frenulum would stretch on it's own. We wanted to avoid any future problems with speech. After asking the doctor over the course of several months, he told us to visit a pediatric ENT to get a second opinion. She kind of hemmed and hawed over cutting his tongue, saying it's a bit controversial until he opened his mouth. She quickly changed her tune when she took one look and said "Oh yeah! We need to snip it!"
With no one to watch Remi at 5am, we agreed that Keith would stay home and I would cart Marsh to Texas Children's Hospital for outpatient surgery. It was much more traumatic for me than for Marshall. He didn't cry and hardly whined, even though he had to fast. The staff at Texas Children's is so friendly and professional, they really held my hand every step of the way. I was never left wondering where to go or what was happening. I even got valet parking for free! Because it was Halloween every staff member on the floor was dressed as a character from Toy Story. Too bad Remi missed it!
When the nurses(one dressed as a fairy) came to take baby away from me I was a nervous wreck. They let me carry him to the outer doors of surgery and I watched him be carried off by the glittery fairy. It totally broke my heart but the experience was strangely comical at the same time. Marshall's actual procedure only took about 5 minutes, the hard part was coming out of anesthesia. Walking into the recovery room , it was so sad to see my little baby with an oxygen mask, heart monitor and a tube down his throat. He ate when he woke up and then I took him home. Daddy and Rem were waiting anxiously to see little brother. He was so tired that he took two four hour naps and slept through the night. Today he is much more alert and only slightly cranky. What a champ!
This before picture shows his forked devil tongue. That's as far as he could stick it out.A teeny tiny hospital bed.
Waiting for surgery in his hospital jammies. 6:30AM.
I'll take some after pictures when his tongue heals!

Lovely LeFevres

My parents and siblings FINALLY came to Texas for a visit! What fun to have a house filled with family. Keith made us marvelous food including Kolaches, sweet potato pie, burgers, beef ribs, homemade barbecue sauce, smoked chicken, orzo stuffed tomatoes, strawberry napoleons, and an authentic New York Cheesecake, red velvet cupcakes, gingersnaps, apple strudel and homemade marinara. All from scratch!!! Wow. Typing that out makes my head spin!
I think everyone enjoyed themselves with trips to Old Town Spring, the Houston Zoo, a visit to see the Piper families, an all-day Galveston extravaganza at the Strand and the Beach, a dolphin boat tour and many hours spent playing Wii.
A few highlights...

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Keith and I never thought we would again see the day when we could sneak off together for a date!

We took full advantage of my parents while they were here. With the boys tucked into bed, we disappeared into the night to see a 3-D movie, which will remained unnamed for the more sensitive of our readers...
We had such a fun! It was really fun to spend time alone, even if just for a few hours. We had a bucket of laughs and returned home to find that our kids had screamed most of 2.5 hours we were gone.

Oh well, it was worth it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marshall Newsletter: Seven Months

Nicknames: Little, Brother, Baby Marshall, Mr., Miggy, Miggedy

Dear Marshall,

Today you turn seven months old.

You have been on the go this month! You've been sitting up, rolling, twisting, turning, kicking, grabbing and even writhing. In a broader sense, you've been to the zoo twice, the children's museum, and many stores. You are a great little travel companion, very rarely do you protest sitting in your carseat on long journeys. I know the days of you in a baby carrier are coming to an end, so I'll just enjoy it while I can!

You have found true happiness in a little thing we like to call Cheerios! If I let you, you would seriously eat an entire box in one sitting. I have never seen a baby eat so fast, and then beg for more! I've got my eye on you kid.

You continue to be our delightful, snuggly boy. Every morning when I get you out of your crib you burrow into my shoulder for a little hug. Although your napping schedule isn't perfect yet, you are finding a balance that is working for all of us... most of the time. If you don't feel like sleeping, household beware! You could lift the house off of it's foundation with your protests! When I go to calm you you have kicked and screamed yourself every which way. I often find you with your head pressed against the crib or completely opposite of the way I placed you in a matter of seconds. Hell hath no fury like a baby Marshall scorned! Of course, no one will believe me when I say it, but I have to document it for my own amusement!

Marshall, you have complimented our family in more ways than we could have ever imagined. Your unique personality and kindness already shine through!

I love you now and always, little nugget!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

On the fritz...

Our trusty old Totally Awesome Computer has seemingly bitten the dust. Posting here will be sporadic at best for the next few weeks while Keith builds a new computer from the ground up. Goodness gracious I love that man!