Sunday, November 9, 2008

Congratulations President-Elect Obama

Wow. He actually did it. Let me start off by saying that I voted for John McCain. As you all know, I am about as hard core a conservative as they come. That said, the man won fair and square. We need to suck it up and move on. While I will continue to fight for conservative values and oppose liberal directions our new President may take us, I recognize him as our new Commander in Chief and I will give him the respect the office deserves. I would be very upset and disappointed if conservatives treat President Obama in the same disgusting way that liberals treated President Bush. We should not dig down to their level.

America truly is an amazing nation. In just over 150 years since the enslavement of an entire people was legal in many parts of this country, we now have a man, half born of African ancestry, and who identifies himself as a black American win the highest elected office in our land. We should celebrate this momentous achievement regardless of politics. Although, conservatives should feel vindicated. For years we have been arguing that, while it may exist at the level of individuals, America is not a racist country. Here anyone can be anything they work hard enough to be. I hope that this puts people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton out of business. It is hard to argue that "the man" is keeping you down when "the man" is now black. Oh how I long for the day when skin color differences is regarded the same as eye or hair color differences.

While we should respect the man and the office, we are duty bound to fight for our ideology. After all, that is what America is. Ideas. Individuals do not rule this country. Kings and Queens, Emperors and Caesars have nearly all led their nations to destruction. America being founded upon the principle that the collective, unforced will of the majority dictates the country's path has been the road to our past, present and future success. In this particular election, however, it was not only the ideas or the message, but also the messenger. Barack Obama added a different and unique element to this election. History was ready for a drastic change, not only in ideas, but race as well. (Yes, I am tired of that word too. If I hear Hope or Change one more time I'm gonna lose it)

Republicans have failed. We squandered our time at the helm. We have been horrible at conveying, and especially following, our ideology. Republicans have become democrats with a small "d". They have foolishly led the party further to the left as support began to fade. This has left the party is a crazy bizarro world where the Right and Left are both saying "What are you?" I'll tell you what we are, we are the Stupid party. We have two parties, the Stupid party, of which I am a card carrying member, and the Dangerous party. Leftism and its socialistic agenda is dangerous for our security and future. Apparently people still refuse to learn from history and continue to support the path to socialism and further.

The Republican elites are right now trying to decide how they failed and what to do. I hope that they will return to the Right. Re-embrace all the things that made us great. Freedoms, low taxation, champions of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Peace through strength, individual accountability, small government. The party of Reagan. I wanted to vomit when McCain said he wanted to buy peoples upside down mortgages. How is that a conservative value or even a role of the government? President Bush failed us by signing off on the 700 billion dollar bail out plan, which has done nothing. Now private companies like Ford and GM are pan handling to the feds to save their worthless empires. Hey, American car makers, here's an idea, "BUILD A GOOD PRODUCT!" The Japanese have been doing it for decades. If they build a car that will outlast a Honda or Toyota, their problems will be solved. But no, they and their Democrat supporters want the American taxpayer to pay for them to stay in business for another 6 months when they will fail again and ask for more money. Morons, but I digress.

With our country nearly being split in half ideologically, Republicans must work ever harder to relay their message. Talk radio is not enough when you are going against TV, Hollywood and newspapers. We need to get aggressive with our advertising. Hopefully we can win the House or Senate in two years and act as a stronger check and balance to our new President.

President Obama has a tough job ahead. His followers are expecting him to do acts of God once he moves in to the White house. Republicans will be watching his every move, waiting to exploit a slip up. Russia will challenge him, believing him to be weak on foreign policy and defense. The wars in the Middle East will not be as easy to get out of as he believes. The economy is in a rough spot and unforeseeable challenges will arise. We must stand by the side of President Obama when we can and respectfully resist and oppose policies that go against our core values.

This is still the greatest nation on Earth. Conservatives, be patient, our time will come again.

P.S. Buy them while you can, you know he will ban them soon. You know what I'm talking about.

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Blue Ribbon Family said...

Candice, I must say that I love you determined spirit. I also agree with you in that we need to support our President. No belittling, no hostilities, move forward with hope and perseverance. Our country is made up of many different people who have many different opinions of which we should be celebrating. It is what makes us the USA. :)
I always say this... whether or not I agree with our President makes no difference. I would HATE to be in his position. Here is to hope!