Monday, July 30, 2012

The Many(?) Moods of Marshall

Poor Marshall. He has such a hard life. He's dressed and bathed by someone else everyday. His every chocolate milk desire is met. He is supplied with a steady stream of Swedish Fish. But for some reason...
Big boy can't catch a break!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lily day 3

This baby is a keeper! She slept most of the night and is very sweet and quiet. I love the look she is giving candice..."friend or foe?"....
Sleeping like a
Remington was so happy to get to hold her. He was so soft and gave her a sweet little kiss.
Marshall inspected her thoroughly. Here he is counting fingers. He's such a good boy.
The boys have been behaving wonderfully and are spending a lot of fun time with Candice's family. Katie has been super helpful by sleeping over and watching the boys at night. I have been putting them to bed and then getting them ready for the day in the morning. We hope by doing this they don't feel neglected. So far life has been good. Perhaps a little too good.....hmmmm.