Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Remi update

I have kind of stopped doing Remington's newsletters, but I wanted to note a couple of cute things that he does or has recently done and already stopped doing.
He makes a cute little hooting noise to get what he wants. It turns into a high pitched "Mmm hmm" when he is acknowledging he wants something.
Remi has learned to nod in agreement when we ask him questions.
He is becoming quite the pro at operating his CD player. He LOVES LOVES LOVES to dance and he just learned how to spin.
He is climbing at every chance. My worst nightmare.
Trips to the pool nearly everyday and trips to Galveston twice a month are something we both look forward to.
He is learning to be soft to the pups.
For a time, he wanted me to first dance with him a then hold his hand while he went to sleep, but that only lasted for a few weeks. Now that he is getting molars and is a little more irritable, he wants nothing to do with me when he goes down.
His internal clock is very accurate. He wakes up around seven everyday, rain or shine, even if he didn't get a full night's sleep.
He is starting to obey and is showing us that he understands what we say.
Remi has quickly learned to manipulate. He looks up at you with his puppy dog eyes and his arms outstretched so that you will carry him wherever he wants to go.

That boy is so pesty, so funny, so sweet and so loved. I get choked up just thinking about him, no matter what trouble he has gotten into today.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cinnamon Bread

Isn't Keith domestic?


I took Remi, Caleigh and Catherine to the museum district with the hope of visiting the Children's Museum of Houston for family fun night (free.) By the time we got to the museum, there was no parking and a line around the building. We took a slight detour to Herrman Park to ride the train and see the sights. The park has a duplicate of the mall in DC. I imagine it is on a smaller scale, but it is beautiful. On the train, we got a lovely view of the park, which included a cross section view of park bums. There was the dancing bum, the bum laying on a picnic table wearing too short of a skirt, the bum wearing 4 layers of clothes in 100 degree heat, and about 50 sleeping bums. Despite that, the park was peaceful and full of families enjoying the day. Remi's favorite thing was watching the many helicopters come in for landings at the nearby hospital. Fun detour!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Goings on

Our house is bursting at the seams these days! As I mentioned earlier, my brother-in-law, Roger, my twin nieces Caleigh and Catherine and their two pups, Sophie and Bella, are staying with us while Roger transitions to a new job. Callie and the boys are still in Utah, anxiously awaiting their move to Texas! Life with teenagers has been quite interesting, but Remi LOVES the attention he gets from everyone. His face lights up whenever one of the girls enters the room and he has taken to calling everyone in the house 'Dada.'
It is hot!hot!hot! in Houston right now, we barely go outside if we can help it. This morning at 9am it was probably already 95 degrees. Walking to the mailbox feels like jumping in a vat of boiling peanut butter. Bleh!
Keith has a new obsession: fine cheese! He is like a kid in a candy shop when he goes to the cheese counter. So far he has gotten us hooked on Havarti, brie, beemster, fine cheddar, butterkase, lemon goat cheese and Gruyere. I can't even count the number of times we have only had cheese and crackers for lunch! Yum!
Remi has taken a turn for the wild. He has started hitting us and the dogs, trying to hurl himself off the couch, and screams louder than he ever has. It is quite the adjustment living with a full blown toddler.
I am trying to keep up with everything around here! Keith is such a great help to me. He is considerate enough to give me at least a half and hour break everyday so I can have a little break from the toddler known as Toes. I have been enjoying catching up on some reading, trying out some new recipes and making strawberry jam for the first time. I also had the chance to make an awesome photo book of Remington's first year on shutterfly.com. You upload everything to the site and the end result looks like a beautiful published book. It normally would have cost $40 but through Pampers diapers points I was able to get it for free! I'll scan the cover one of these days so you can have a looksee...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th Fun

Even though Keith was working, we managed to have a pleasant 4th! I have forgotten to mention that I have 5 houseguests! (Roger the BIL, Catherine and Caleigh the 13 yo, Sophie and Bella the Devil Dogs) The twins spent the evening before getting ready for a bike decorating contest, got up at 7am, and made it in time for judging and ribbons! Afterward, we packed up the car and headed to the parade. Remi was spoiled with candy, balloons, beads, and all sorts of parade paraphernalia. Remi and I had a quiet afternoon while everyone headed to a movie, so we made and decorated patriotic cupcakes. Stretching Rem's to the limit, we packed him up again and carted him off to see fireworks at the park. He had a great time playing with the girls, dancing and pushing every button possible in Roger's car. A quiet but fun 4th!
Toes and his parade bounty:
What have I done? Rem's first lollipop:
Sweaty and tired, he still had a great time at the parade:
Does he know something I don't?