Sunday, January 30, 2011

The garbage truck cometh

Our garbage is picked up twice a week, which means two weekly opportunities to wave to the garbage truck. Since Remi got his Waste Management truck in December, he has been dying to show the garbage men his toy. We caught them just in time on Friday. It was a dream come true! He was so proud!

Monday, January 24, 2011

What a Cute Couple!

We snuck down to Galveston on Saturday to be with Dada. While there, we met the most adorable couple:

He can't stay away from the cold, cold beach!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yard Clean Up

Last weekend we realized that the pine needles have finished falling for the season and that we were grossly behind on cleaning them up. Instead of filling up over 100 garbage bags (we've come close in the past) Keith rented a UHaul. Our intention was to fill it up quickly, run it to our friend's burn pile, and return the trailer in a couple of hours. It turned into taking over two and a half hours to borrow a wheelbarrow and rent the stupid trailer...HUGE fiasco with UHaul...then 5+ hours to blow off the roof, rake the needles into enormous piles, chase kids, chat with neighbors, load the trailer, drink a Diet Coke, load some more, and repeat. The trailer was OVERFLOWING by the time we were done and we didn't even get close to finishing the flowerbeds. It is was dark by the time Keith finished and it took another hour and a half to dump the needles. My advice? Think twice before buying a home with over 30 trees in the yard.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Won't You Be Mine?

Still going crazy for Valentine decorations around here! I'm working on a heart-themed bowl filler, but in the meantime, I printed out one of these and trimmed it down for a red 8X10 frame.
Here's the download:Valentine Poster
Compliments of a very talented: it is what it is
Check out her clever uses for this free printable!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine Project

My crafty friend Morgan mentioned that she had a craft night and made Valentine wreaths. Since I totally slacked on making a felt advent calendar, I "felt" I needed to redeem myself and use the excess red, pink and cream felt I had lying around. The red was the only wool felt I had and the other colors were synthetic. If you can find a deal on wool felt, snatch it up. I've gotten it on sale before at around $3.50/yd. If you buy the end of the bolt, they'll sometimes give it to you for 50% off. It's really high quality and holds it shape nicely.

The original source of inspiration: Ruffle Felt Wreath Tutorial

Heart Inspiration found at Eighteen25
I could only find a glitter-covered wreath, but it was half price so it ended up being cheaper than white styrofoam.
Diet Coke: an essential crafting tool.
The rotary cutter made the circle cutting easy. I initially cut 20 circles of each color. I needed a total of 120 circles to complete the project. It's not necessary to group the circles too closely. Once you fluff them up, it covers the styrofoam nicely.

I love it! It looks luxurious and extra-fluffy, just like love should be!Today's Creative Blog

Friday, January 14, 2011

Remember when....

Remember when you could crawl around on hard tile, wood floors, cement, and it didn't hurt?
Remember when you could sit like this: without a care in the world?
Hurts just looking at him!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's just this cold...

At least he can see.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mini Bowling

We have bowling on the Wii, a foam bowling set, a mini bowling set AND we go "real" bowling. There isn't a form of bowling out there that this kid hasn't tried!
It takes careful planning...
To get it just right...Ready! Set! Go! Just imagine the sound of pins knocking together...One more to go...


Need I say more?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anyone for a game?

He could probably beat you. Seriously.
This one...not so much.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Marshall Newsletter: Ten Months

Dear Marshall,

Today you turn 10 months old.

You are a crawling, whirling, dervish...

I have never known a baby to be so on the move. You only just started crawling this month but you are a seasoned pro by now. With crawling came climbing, standing, scooting, and oh, falling. Lots and lots of falling. I tried barricading you on the carpet like I did with Remi and what did you do? Crawled over a pile of pillows taller than you and landed head first right onto the tile floor. My back was literally turned for 30 seconds. Big bruise. I earned the award for worst mom ever that day.

You love chasing Remi up the stairs and taking a bath in the evening with him. He worries about you when he hears you crying on the baby monitor and he starts to cry if he thinks we are leaving you in the car when we run errands. He loves you, yes, but that doesn't mean you are immune from his fury, either! Luckily you are quick to forgive, but he has been in timeout more times this month than ever before, all because he knocks you over or bops you on the head when you least expect.

You are scared of small black animals, but for some reason not of our dogs.

We celebrated your first Christmas (early this year, Dada had to work Christmas day) and your first New Year (you slept through the noisy fireworks.)

You love to snuggle and somehow always end up in bed with me by morning.

You are a great eater! Your favorite thing on the planet is cottage cheese. You also love what I like to call "Turkey Crack" or Gerber Puffs.

You want to hold my phone and you babble to whoever is on the other line.

You are not a good sleeper. Sometimes you wake up 6 times before midnight. However, you are learning to fall asleep without being held. I'm afraid your days of yelling yourself to sleep may be over. A little bittersweet, if I'm being honest.

You finally graduated from your infant car seat. I think you are really proud to be a big boy. That, and this guarantees that you get to sit up in shopping carts, one of your favorite things to do. Freedom! Naps in the car are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

You are my snuggly little lovebug. A perfect addition to our growing family. You complement us in the best ways.

I love you.