Monday, April 14, 2008

Newsletter: Month One

Dear little Remington,
Today today you turn 5 weeks old. It has been a wild ride so far. Here are a few highlights:
You weighed a full 2 pounds less than anticipated.
You were born by emergency C-Section after your heart rate drastically slowed while in the birth canal.
During the first 3 weeks you were nearly IMPOSSIBLE to wake up.
In the first month, you only cried for the following reasons: hungry, need diaper change, need swaddled.
Your fingernails were so long when you were born that they curled around your fingertips.
Your left ear was flat when you were born and your pinky toes are long enough to be fingers. Also, you have huge feet.
You had a stubborn case of jaundice that required you to be on phototherapy for over a week. You also had to get blood drawn from your heel about 10 times (and you only cried for 2 of them)
You keep your hands in tight little fists and keep a fist next to your ear.
You have a nice head of hair.
Daddy cut off your hanging umbilical cord with a pair of nail clippers.
First injury inflicted by Dad: he cut your thumb with nail clippers.
First injury inflicted by Mama: I dropped a camera on your stomach.
You have met 4 aunts (Dani, Katie, Gigi, Callie), two grandmas (Beth and Shellie) and a grandpa (Frank) from Utah.
Your longest stretch of sleep has been 6 hours.
You have already been to the beach.
You love being snuggled.
You fart a TON.
You love your blue binki.
Just like dad you sleep with your mouth open.
You scowl at me a lot.
You have not once spit up.
You love car rides.
You take a bottle like a champ, even if it is cold.
You grunt and sigh very sweetly when you sleep.
You love bath time and getting your hair washed.
You can roll from you stomach to your side.
I have never had to use the nasal aspirator on you.
You love stroller rides.
You are an awesome baby. We love you!


Em said...

Oh Candice, that's so sweet, and is such a good idea!! Don't worry, I dropped my cell phone on Mason's head while I was nursing him (twice). : ) You are such good parents, and Rem is SO lucky to have you! Can't wait til you can add that he has met me and his other mama's friends in Utah! Soon enough, I hope!

Sano Family said...

Reading Rem's highlights makes me want to jump on a plane and squeeze him!! He is so lucky to have such wonderful parents who love him so much. I laughed especially hard at the comment about his farts!!
Please, please keep blogging. I love to hear what is going on and seeing pictures.
Love you guys,
Mom Sano

the Eggett's said...

That is such a good idea to make a list like that. How sweet. Remington is a cute little baby I must say.

Blue Ribbon Family aka The Pabst's said...

That is SO sweet! He is so freaking adorable, honestly! I wish I would have thought of this with my kids... keep it up! He will love reading through these when he is older. My kids thrive off of my stories.