Sunday, April 27, 2008

I love my wife!

As Candice's Birth Month approaches (yes, Month, not day) I have been thinking about her more and more. The more I am around her the more I like her. She cracks me up. Our senses of humor and our thinking have merged into one. We can literally finish each others sentences. We talk in code derived from years of inside jokes. People must think we're crazy.
Here are 25 things I love about my darling bride, Candice.

25. She has to have a "bendy" straw with her drink.
24. She leaves hair piled up on the shower wall.
23. She loves shooting guns.
22. She is always up for an adventure. Whether it be camping in thunderstorms or following me across the country.
21. She makes fun of stupid people with me.
20. She laughs at South Park.
19. She will have lazy day movie marathons with me.
18. She, a vegetarian, will cook me meat.
17. She SCREAMS if she sees a little old cockroach in the house. Screams.
16. She hates liberals as much as I do. Sometimes I go off on political tirades and she says "Why are you yelling at me, I agree with you!"
15. She always gets after me to tidy up the house. Which would be fine if she didn't have 18 old glasses of water on her nightstand! Cracks me up.
14. Her feet are not ticklish! Freaky!
13. She can always name the band when we listen to the radio. Sometimes she makes me special little bets if I can guess who it is.
12. She can spread apart all her toes. I can only control my big toe. She thinks I am weird, I think she's weird.
11. She gets scared of burglars and murders, but reads murder mystery books at night.
10. She always smells very nice. Like a floral B.O.. My B.O., well, not so floral.
9. She takes care of the bills. I love never having to stress about bill payments.
8. Along with 9, she is smart financially. If not for her, I wouldn't have a pot to piss in. I would spend my money on a giant foam cowboy hat and a pinball machine or something stupid like that.
7. She can beat Mario Bros on the original NES in like half an hour. I didn't even know about all those warp zones!
6. She always beats me at Connect 4 and Mancala Cup.
5. She has a lush, full head of hair. Sigh... I have hair envy big time.
4. She has to beat me to get the mail. Like it's a race.
3. She is very thoughtful and loving toward friends and family.
2. She is a great umm...wife..if you know what I mean, wink, wink.
1. She is an unbelievably fantastic mother.

She is the most beautiful, amazing woman a man could hope for.
I am so lucky to have you Candice. You mean the world to me. You are my best friend. I love you more today than yesterday. But not as much as tomorrow. Unless you piss me off. Kidding. You're the best.


Em said...

Keith! You are such a sweetheart, and you and Candice are so cute together...I love you both, and love your relationship! I can totally picture you ranting about liberals, only for Candice to interrupt by saying that she agrees!!!! ha haha .. this really made me laugh!

Azure said...

This is so cute, Keith. What a good husband you are!!! Hey email me your email address so I can add you to my blog. We are private now.

Piper said...

That is probably the sweetest thing that I have ever read in my entire life and believe you me, I have read a lot!! I can't be more happy for my sister because she has a hubby that loves her so much! I love you guys!!

Sano Family said...

I laughed and cried when I read your kind words to a very deserving Candice. You two are one-of-a-kind! I hope you both realize that you have something incredibly special between you. As your mom, it is a joy beyond compare to such love. Thank you for sharing such tender/humorous insights with us. You are great examples that we can all try to follow.
Love you more than words can say,
Mom Sano

Rachel said...

What's wrong with liberals?? :)

Candice and Keith said...

Oh Rachel, where do I start. It would be easier to ask "What's right with liberals?" Answer, nothing. Damn socialist, utopia dreaming morons with no common sense. White flag waving cowards. Look at the "liberal" leadership. Real winners there. Howard Dean, Arianna Huffington,, the racist reverends Jackson and Wright. Clintons, Obama (Change! Hope!, Hope!, Change!), Carter, Kerry, Edwards. Come on! Isn't it sad when the terrorist organization Hamas says they want Obama to win. ARGGGGH! Wake up!
There. Thats what's wrong with liberals! Love ya!