Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week in Review

Week of firsts for us around here.
First raccoon sighting in the backyard. Unfortunately for it, the pups had him cornered against the French doors for a very tense moment.
First week-long lizard visitor. I finally was able to escort him out today.
First laugh! Best sound in the world, right behind Keith's snoring ;)
Remington got his first high chair. He loves to watch me make dinner:

First time he was big enough to rock this shirt:
First time trying to eat fingers while balancing elephants on his head:
First time he got to support Daddy's company:
First time to try a Bumbo:
First time in the crib (he slept 11 hours his first night:)
First time in the pool:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last night was the first time I dreamed since Remington was born.
I just met Justin Timberlake and I took him out for seafood on a pier in Chicago after a paddle boat ride. Afterwards, we went to a mall where his good friend Paris Hilton had just jumped off the fifth floor but no one could find her body. So while looking for her, Justin bought me frozen yogurt and we walked through a massive parking garage with bridges that had no guardrails. He was kinda smug and I didn't think this was going to go anywhere. We never did find Paris...

Got it.

Got my first giggle out of Remington today while playing 'Superman' Very short but super sweet.

Friday, June 20, 2008


It was so fun for Remington to meet some of our Utah friends.
Sorry, I know the first two are small...
Shawn, Tiff, Lucky, Morgan, Danny, Rem, Me, Keith
Me, Rem, Lucky Anne, Keith
Me, Rem, Em, Mason
Renae, Dennis, Keith, Remington, Me, Cori, Matt

Me, Remington, Amy, Luke

Anyone see a similarity?

Utah Pics

We had a fabulous time in Utah! Thanks again to Bubba and Katie for their kindness!
Here is a visual tour of our trip...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Plate

The Daily Plate is an awesome site that helps you track your caloric intake and exercise. It is a great tool to help with weight loss goals. I just started using it today. Looks like someone needs to lay off the Texas toast, but I'm proud to say I got 106% protein for the day. Take THAT meat eaters!

WE are addicted...

Yes, WE. These books are crazy addicting and now we can't wait for the movie! Perfect for any age.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Newsletter: Month Three

Dear Remington,

Today you turn three months old.

I realized the other day that I love you. That may sound cold because everyone says baby love is love at first sight, but like with any other thing I have come to love it took just a bit of time. I definitely had the instinct to protect and care for you, to keep you fed and warm, but now I feel as if I have grown into a love that only a mother could have for her child. I feel sad when I'm not with you. I can't wait to teach you things. I am excited to experience a world of firsts with you. It is true love.
You have really blossomed the past month. You smile more frequently, especially when I greet you in the morning. It is such a sweet way of communicating and you have a unique little smile that you only give to me and your daddy. You have become quite the little flirt and raise one eyebrow when you are truly amused with another person. You seem to have quite a lot to say. Cooing expresses all of your emotions from sadness to pure joy. 'Ah-goo' and 'Maa' have been added to your recent list of sounds. I love to hear you talk.
You have met many relatives this month due to the fact that Katie and Bubba were generous enough to fly us out to Utah. You behaved like an angel on the plane, and you didn't even cry for take off or landing! Daddy was most impressed! You were so good in fact, that you have been promised six puppies, a goat and a piglet. You are easy-peasy. While in Utah, you even slept for two nights in a dresser drawer.
The aunts and grandmas are crazy about you, and I love to see how you interact with them. I wonder who would win if we held a cage fight to see who would hold you first. My bet is that Callie would win. The grandmas continue to ask me how they will survive without you when we go back to Houston next week.
I like that you are now getting exposed to more and more people. You have gone from instantly sticking out your bottom lip when a stranger would hold you, to smiling at everyone that will talk to you. Not only have you grown socially but physically as well. You are a spitting image of your father right down to the male pattern baldness. You have your first fat roll and finally have 'rubber band wrists.' Your growth must make you sweat a lot because every morning your head smells like corn chips. Or refried beans. I can't decide what the pungent aroma is but sometimes it makes me hungry.
Just in the last week you have decided to like toys. You have three favorites. A plush bug that squeaks, a butterfly rattle, and an interactive butterfly. Figures that you would love bugs as much as I hate them! You are silly. And I love you.


Keith here. Time flies when you're having fun. I can't believe it has been 3 months already. Rem has been such an awesome kid. I am scared that our next one will be a monster to balance out Remington.
Remington really had a growth spurt this last month. He got nice and "fluffy". I love to pinch those fat little cheeks. I didn't realize how big he was until he sat next to my brothers new baby, Ty.

His pants make his rear look huge. He doesn't have a badonk-a-donk, it's just pants.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


At first I thought I would write a clever little post about hearing Remington crying when he is actually sound asleep. When I looked into it a little more I found that 'phantom crying' is a common occurance for new mothers, especially those with postnatal depression. It also is an indicative of a woman's heightened sense of hearing after having children. It is creepy and comforting at the same time to know that I am so in tune to Remington's needs and noises. My friend Tiffany gave me an awesome monitor that has lights that flare up when baby is crying so if you are making lots of noise you can still use the monitor. my problem is that I always look towards it right when Remington quiets down, so I think I am hearing phantom crying when he actually IS crying. It is all very confusing. Even right now as I type, over the hum of the A/C, I swear I can hear him crying...I'll go check...Nope. Sound asleep.