Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week in Review

Week of firsts for us around here.
First raccoon sighting in the backyard. Unfortunately for it, the pups had him cornered against the French doors for a very tense moment.
First week-long lizard visitor. I finally was able to escort him out today.
First laugh! Best sound in the world, right behind Keith's snoring ;)
Remington got his first high chair. He loves to watch me make dinner:

First time he was big enough to rock this shirt:
First time trying to eat fingers while balancing elephants on his head:
First time he got to support Daddy's company:
First time to try a Bumbo:
First time in the crib (he slept 11 hours his first night:)
First time in the pool:


Sano Family said...

So cute and cuddly!! I love seeing new pictures. I am especially proud of my grandson for being about the suck his fingers while balancing an elephant on his head!! What other grandma can brag about that!?
Thanks for the new pics.
Love and miss you all,

Lisa said...

He is so cute and getting big. It looks like you and the little guy are having lots of fun. Even with the critters...

Piper said...

He is getting so big!!! I wanna come visit. keep those raccoons away! they are vicious. I still blame raccoons for Tadeo's disappearance (my first cat.)

Rachel said...

Cuteness overload!!!