Saturday, December 17, 2011

Train Day

What will a boy do in order to take a very special ride on a train with Bomb-Bomb and Daddy? Let's just say it involves potty training and let's just say that it wasn't potty that ended up in the toilet.

It was a really cold morning, so we all bundled up and headed to the Front Runner station.
The first train going the opposite direction arrived. He is getting anxious.

Waiting is hard to do. He can't stop talking so we couldn't get a decent picture.

Finally the train arrives and the fun begins.

Now that's happiness!
Remi held onto that ticket like it was a precious, precious cookie. He didn't let it go all day.

We rode to the end of the line, meeting Brenna and Bridget in Ogden.

We popped over to the old Union Pacific building, grabbed some pretty good grub at the Union Grill, and browsed the gift shops and played on the elevators. Admission to the museum was a little pricy for two increasingly tired boys, so we didn't bother going in this time. Maybe next year.
Marshall enjoyed this outing almost as much as Remi.
All aboard!!!
Good end to a good day.