Friday, April 10, 2009

Newsletter: Month 13

Dear Remi,

Today you turn 13 months old.

You've been all over town. You visited the Johnson Space Center (where you fell asleep,) the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (where you fell asleep,) the Bluebell ice cream factory (you fell asleep to and from,)
and Galveston (twice...and guess what? You fell asleep!) Grandma Sano came for a week-long visit and Uncle Roger made a brief stop in Houston, too.
Grandma gave you your first haircut:
And you took your first train ride. Well, tram ride:
You had your first bite of ice cream:
You had your first wagon ride:
And had your first glimpse of a tarantula!
First roll around in the woodchips at the park:
After a month of many firsts, you also are going through your first sickness. You won't eat, you barely drink, and you have gone through about 20 diapers today. Somehow, you still manage a sweet smile here and there. Get well soon!
Love you to bits!!!

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