Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Newsletter: Month Nine

Nicknames: Ralph Waldo Remmerson, Remi-toe, Baby So-so,
New Foods: corn, cauliflower, Cheerios, frozen peas
Visitors: Aunt Katie

Dear Remington,

Today you turn nine months old.

You are currently going through your first cold. It seems to be just the sniffles, but man, has it made you ornery! Not a whole lot of sleep going on around here. The other night was the worst night you have had since you were born. I don't think you have ever needed so much soothing and snuggling.
Besides that, you have had another wonderful month. Much to Daddy's dismay, you tried Cheerios in Sam's Club the other day. At first he insisted that I bite them in half and stop the cart whenever I fed you one. He is so careful with his little boy! Those Cheerios have changed your life! You have a few before every meal, to keep you distracted while I prep your food. Sometimes we eat them together for breakfast. You are becoming very skilled with your finger control and can clear a tray of Cheerios in seconds flat. The dogs benefit from your scraps as you always lose a few when I lift you our of your highchair. Stranger danger was in full force this month! We spent Thanksgiving at John and Vicki's house and you whimpered endlessly when anyone wanted to hold you. As part of this you have started to scream with your mouth closed. I've never seen another baby do this, it sounds like you are under a pile of blankets. Sometimes we worry that you will pass out if it keeps up for too long. But on the bright side, it helps keep me from going deaf, so thank you! Another plus is that you have figured out how to reach for us, one of the best feelings in the world.
You are still not technically crawling but you are the pivoting champion! You can also go from sitting to tummy. You can also roll, but almost never choose to. You scoot backwards and pivot to get around. It is quite efficient in a manner of speaking. You are also experimenting with pulling yourself to your feet. With spending so much time on the floor you need something to occupy your mind, so we usually turn on Baby Einstein or Sesame Street. You are so good and can sit there for an hour or more, playing with toys and watching your shows.

Lately you have been testing your vocals. Your favorite noise to make has been a guttural growl. Where you learned it I'll never know. Another favorite noise is a gurgley noise that sounds like a dentist's suction tool. You have also taken to saying 'goo-goo.' It is so classic and Daddy didn't believe that you learned that on your own.
You have become so curious this month. The look on your face when you discovered my ear was priceless. The expression read, "Huh! What a novelty! How long have you had that!" You also love to grab Daddy's nose and scratch as hard as possible. This month your senses seem to be really sharpening. You are drawn like a moth to a flame every time you hear a commercial geared towards kids. I guess those marketing guys know what they are doing! You respond pretty well to the sound of you name.

You have gotten very serious this month. You don't kick with excitement when I come to get you out of bed and it seems you reserve laughter for the truly funny. You don't laugh the second you see Daddy anymore either. Even with your new found seriousness, you still have a great admirer in Niles. He loves to sit practically on top of you every time you are on the floor. He and Baxter give you cold wet puppy kisses whenever they can. You like to lean over your highchair and exersaucer to get a better look at them whenever they play.

Something excited happened today! It snowed in Houston for the first time in years. It is the first snow you have ever seen. You seemed to be in a trance looking at it. I think you enjoyed being bundled up head to toe. The snow makes everything quiet and beautiful. We probably got over an inch of the stuff.

Your stats from today's doctor appointment:
Weight: 21 lbs 8 oz
Height: 29"
Head Circ: 18 1/2"
Shot up from 50% to 75% in height over the last three months.
No teeth yet!

You are our growing boy and we love you!



Cruze Family said...

I love the nickname Ralph Waldo Remmerson. Any chance you guys will be in Utah for the holidays? We are heading out next week and hope to be able to see you.

Guzman Family said...

He has such a Keith look on his face in the hat picture!!!

Mike and Brenna said...

How did he get to be 9 months old?! And 21 1/2 pounds! You must have a really strong back by now!

It's really going to suck not having you guys here for the holidays.

I've been meaning to ask you, have you looked into that "Your Baby Can Read" program?