Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a great day

Keith here, hello. We had a very nice day today, thought I'd share. I got to sleep in for the first time in months, it was great. Then we watched the Sunday news programs and made fun of George Stephanopoulos together, I can't stand him. Candice was nice enough to take the child downstairs so I could get uninterrupted rest. Then we took a drive through the country north of our town just for craps and giggles. It was like most of Texas, Ghetto-Fab. Really beautiful horse ranches and farms with awesome homes right next to run down trailers then another nice house and so on, hence Ghetto-Fab. Very strange. On the way home we stopped at a road side vendor and picked up what they call a Chimenea. They are great for back yard fire pits.
Aint she a doll?

Here is a video of Candice lighting the first of many fires.
From 12-21-08

Then our friends came over and we made s'mores and had hot chocolate. It was very good. After that we had some fun with Ralph Waldo Remmerson. He is learning "So Big" and is getting the assisted walking thing down. Crawling is still a challenge for him, however. He can scoot backward, pivot around and go sideways but he just can't go forward yet. Candice believes that he will walk before he crawls. We'll see. Anyway, hope you all had a good day too.

He is actually a lot better at "So Big" than the video shows, it was late when we recorded this. Sorry about the poor audio, I had my finger over the mic. Oops.
From 12-21-08

Baby steps, he is usually much better than the video shows.


Lisa said...

I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas! I can't believe how big your little guy is getting, he is super cute.

Cruze Family said...

What a darling baby Remington is! He deserves more than a c! looks like a fun day=I want to make smores and hang out by your new thing(i forgot what you called it Keith) maybe someday!