Sunday, December 28, 2008

Big Boy!

Our little Rem hit some milestones this week. Something clicked in his head and he now can crawl forward. He also can get himself from laying to sitting and from sitting to STANDING! He shocked Candice by standing in his crib when she came to get him from a nap. He has the walking motion down, all he needs is balance and it's all over. He also has his first tooth coming in. A bottom front tooth is ripping through. He is handling it well, naps are harder while he is in pain but his attitude is still great. It took him some time, but he finally hit a stride. It is so amazing how fast it all happens.


em said...

YAY for baby Rem to be crawling!!!!

Sano Family said...

What a kid!! It looks like Baxter is ready for him to be moving around so he can play chase with him! I can't wait to see my Texas Boy!!!
Love, hugs and kisses from Grandma S.

Azure said...

Keith, your little boy is SO cute!!! It's so fun to see them go through these changes and start growing and walking and everything. It's kind of sad though cause then they grown up and all.