Saturday, December 27, 2008


What a lovely Christmas we had! Despite our absence from the majority of our family, we really did enjoy ourselves. We had a Christmas Eve extravaganza with friends from the neighborhood. Keith made his famous turducken (often mistakenly referred to as turDUNKen) and all the fixins. He only allowed me in the kitchen long enough to make Lion House rolls and sweet potatoes. Christmas morning Remi woke up bright and early, and I do mean EARLY. We took our time getting him dressed and fed, then completely overwhelmed him with presents and wrapping paper. We enjoyed a long and lazy afternoon then made our way over to my uncle and aunt's for a nice traditional Christmas dinner. Pretty uneventful holiday and that's just the way we like it!
Remi loved his phone from Grandma Sano:
And his pillow from Mama She She:
He loves to ham it up:
Another gift from Grandma Sano
A delicious Christmas cheesecake, made from scratch by Keith!

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Katie said...

4 total pictures of Christmas?? You both are a disgrace!