Friday, May 15, 2009

Newsletter: Month 14

Nicknames: Remi, Remi-Toes, Toes, Rems, Kid, Boy

Dear Remi,

You turned 14 months old on Mother's Day. I think you thought the purpose of Mother's Day was for you to be extra mothered. You spent 2 1/2 hours screaming over the course of 5 hours because you didn't want to take your nap. You are testing the powers of manipulation to the limits. Even as I right this you are upstairs screaming because you don't want to go down for the night.
Other than THAT, you are my fun little constant companion. We have had a great time with a visit from Gigi, playdates with friends, and trips to Galveston. I love going to the grocery store with you. Sometimes I take you down the toy aisle, I'll pick a toy for you to look at, then a few minutes later we put it back. No tears, no whining, nothing! You are just ready to move on to the next adventure. You love to play a game where I push the cart ahead and say, "Bye, bye!" You wave back and then I chase and tickle you.
Your daddy and I have started ordering for you from the kid's menu at restaurants. For some reason, this is a very exciting development to me. Granted, most of the time it's just macaroni and cheese, but sometimes you surprise me and eat things off of my plate like orzo stuffed tomatoes! Other times you surprise by not eating anything but white bread and water...
You spent a few hours with Daddy this afternoon. You spent much of the time terrorizing him by hitting, kicking, and trying to bite through his clothes. When I got home your reign of terror continued. You threw a remote at Niles, walked around squawking and ended up cornering Baxter in his bed. What a funny transformation you are going through.
Your energy level is rising and I find that I need to REALLY wear you out if I want to have a peaceful evening. The last few days we've been successful by taking you to a local fountain to play. Once we get you home, something happens to you around 6pm. You become docile and sweet, you'll play quietly with toys, or try to figure out ways to make Daddy and me laugh. The roller coaster ride of each and everyday is crazy, but I always find myself wanting more.

I love you, Remi!

Love, Mama

This is a new obsession. Every pair of shoes you find has to be worn like this:
This fountain is our friend:Fun house mirror:
Just found your belly button:
You love to pet the grass:
And you love to share cookies:
Maybe you don't love Mariachi:

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