Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Newsletter: Month Three

Dear Remington,

Today you turn three months old.

I realized the other day that I love you. That may sound cold because everyone says baby love is love at first sight, but like with any other thing I have come to love it took just a bit of time. I definitely had the instinct to protect and care for you, to keep you fed and warm, but now I feel as if I have grown into a love that only a mother could have for her child. I feel sad when I'm not with you. I can't wait to teach you things. I am excited to experience a world of firsts with you. It is true love.
You have really blossomed the past month. You smile more frequently, especially when I greet you in the morning. It is such a sweet way of communicating and you have a unique little smile that you only give to me and your daddy. You have become quite the little flirt and raise one eyebrow when you are truly amused with another person. You seem to have quite a lot to say. Cooing expresses all of your emotions from sadness to pure joy. 'Ah-goo' and 'Maa' have been added to your recent list of sounds. I love to hear you talk.
You have met many relatives this month due to the fact that Katie and Bubba were generous enough to fly us out to Utah. You behaved like an angel on the plane, and you didn't even cry for take off or landing! Daddy was most impressed! You were so good in fact, that you have been promised six puppies, a goat and a piglet. You are easy-peasy. While in Utah, you even slept for two nights in a dresser drawer.
The aunts and grandmas are crazy about you, and I love to see how you interact with them. I wonder who would win if we held a cage fight to see who would hold you first. My bet is that Callie would win. The grandmas continue to ask me how they will survive without you when we go back to Houston next week.
I like that you are now getting exposed to more and more people. You have gone from instantly sticking out your bottom lip when a stranger would hold you, to smiling at everyone that will talk to you. Not only have you grown socially but physically as well. You are a spitting image of your father right down to the male pattern baldness. You have your first fat roll and finally have 'rubber band wrists.' Your growth must make you sweat a lot because every morning your head smells like corn chips. Or refried beans. I can't decide what the pungent aroma is but sometimes it makes me hungry.
Just in the last week you have decided to like toys. You have three favorites. A plush bug that squeaks, a butterfly rattle, and an interactive butterfly. Figures that you would love bugs as much as I hate them! You are silly. And I love you.


Piper said...

corn chips or refried beans?? sounds like someone needs to eat more Mexican food in Tejas!!

Sano Family said...

I love to read your posts!!! You always make me laugh and I think it is so sweet to write letters to your little man.
Enjoy every wonderful moment because babies grow up so quickly!!!
Love you guys and glad to have you here for a while.

Em said...

Oh Candice...you sweet little mommy! I can't wait to see Rem tomorrow and can't wait to smell his little corn chip head! :) ha ha...:) See you TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

the Eggett's said...

okay seriously, this is the cutest Idea! What a sweet little letter. I want to see this cute little Remington in person