Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Newsletter: Month 11

New Tricks: Clapping, Peek-a-boo with a blanket, mimicking like crazy, holding toy phone to ear when we say 'Hello,' trying to say 'ball'
New foods: Veggie Puffs, Orzo pasta, spaghetti, blueberries, cow's milk, loves to act like a baby bird when we eat...wants to try everything like pizza, rolls,

Dear Remington,

Today you turn 11 months old! Two little teeth are finally sticking out of your gums and we think a few more are on the way. Teething adds an interesting dimension to baby life. You wake in the middle of the night and contrast that with 3 hour naps in the day. Somehow through the pain, you remain a sweet little boy (mostly!) You are officially a boy on the go! You love to explore. Your room is a most fascinating place. You love to sneak away while I prepare your bath in the morning to grunt at the CD player. The handles on dresser drawers are also quite appealing. When we play downstairs, we have constructed a bit of a barricade using the sofa, and ottoman and the dog kennel to keep you confined in a safe place. Consider it a sort of giant play yard. We have too much tile and you have to little balance for you to roam free in entire house! You are getting adventurous and try to crawl on the fireplace brick and you have also mastered crawling up the stairs.You love books! Your favorite has been one called Five Noisy Ducks, but you are widening your interests with captivating titles like First Words and Baby Animals. You have a weird little book about farm animals with names like Bronwyn the Pig and Big Ron the Horse. You love toys! Almost all of your toys are hand-me-downs but you can't tell the difference! Your current favorite is a Sesame Street farm house with blocks courtesy of Grandma Sano. You also love to roll a ball and to try to throw your football. Anything that rattles or makes noise becomes a fast favorite, too.

You love food! But you hate cow's milk, plain cheese, and plain peas. Some breakfasts last for a good hour because you practice "no, no, no" by shaking your head instead of eating. When you are really done you start throwing food to the dogs. They love a balanced breakfast of Cheerios and oat toast!You love to go out and about! We always have a fun time taking you places. You are an angel in the car and only cry when the sun is in your eyes. Walks on the trails are fun because you help hold the dog leash. Grocery cart rides are fun when you get to sneak a bite of tasty germy metal. My friend tried to stop you from doing this once while I was looking away. She shooed you with a gentle "No, no." You looked at her like she had slapped you across the face and you wailed for a good five minutes.

You love to laugh! Daddy is definitely the king of making you laugh. One laugh from him and your face brightens. He even does a fake anchorman laugh that keeps you in stitches. Once during a ride in the car Daddy and I were having a conversation and we were laughing about something you when you decided to chime in out of the blue. It was so fun to all be laughing in the car together. You seem to get our brand of humor...I love it!You love to jabber! You have been saying "Mama" for a while, but I think it is just something you say when you want something. You shocked us the other day when I asked you where your ball was, and you responded with a resounding, "Ba!" Just in the last couple of days you have been trying to say "Dada" which sometimes ends up sounding like, "Gaga."

We can't wait to see what the next month holds in store for you!
What a fun boy, baby no longer!


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