Saturday, May 10, 2008

Newsletter: Month Two

Dear Remington,
Today you turn two months old. You have really sprouted this month, gaining over 2 lbs and growing over an inch. You have started to 'uncurl' and you love to stretch and raise your arms over your head. You gave daddy a smile before he left for 16 days, and you have been smiling often since then. You have even tried to laugh the last few days, but it usually turns into a gasp for air. You still scowl a lot, but have relaxed since becoming more aware of the world. You love to listen to the sound of other people's voices.

You clench your 'puppy paws' really tight when you eat. We call them paws because they are large compared to the rest of your body. You'll grow into them, but the doctor still thinks you will be a short adult. It's a good thing, you'll be able to disappear in a crowd easily.
We have tummy time everyday and you practice lifting your head and even rolling. You have an incredibly strong neck and you can hold it up like a much older baby. You are not a bobble head anymore, you have more control over your movements now.
You have now given me the official title of 'mommy' according to your dad. I have been pooped on twice while trying to burp you. While disgusting, it wasn't as devastating as I could have imagined. I guess that means I really love you! You make up for it by how easy you are.

Our days are still pretty low key, though I am getting more adventurous and taking you out for longer intervals. You love the car, the brightness and colors of the grocery store, and your car seat. On our first outing alone, you were due for a nap. Instead, you spent the whole time at the grocery store cooing and smiling. You almost always fall asleep otherwise, and you have a funny knack of waking up and screaming the second we pull into the driveway.
By far, the favorite part of your day is baby bath time. Sometimes you are so relaxed that you fall asleep while I wash your hair. If you're not asleep, you coo and kick. You love getting massaged with baby lotion and you demand to be swaddled as soon as your pajamas are over your head.
You are a wonder baby in that you sleep a solid 6-8 hours almost every night. That's where you take after me. I love to sleep. Then you wake up starving and need to eat every hour until noon.
The only things that seem to make you really cry are diaper changes when you are hungry, being really tired, and losing your binki when you really want it. You have also started crying when you wake up and no one is there to hold you. I understand because I do the same thing.

You have loved going on walks, but in the last week it has gotten too hot to stay outside. The mosquito net we got for your stroller has worked wonders, and we don't have to worry about covering you in nasty chemicals.
Your two month doctor appointment was pretty upsetting to me. Even though you are perfectly healthy, you had to get four shots. They made me hold your arms down while you flailed. You only cried for a second. I remember thinking how tough you are going to be when you get older. I have thought that since you were born, especially given how many times you had your heels pricked due to jaundice. I can picture you being the brute on your sports team or joining the military. I try not to have expectations for you, I just want you to always be good to people. Luckily, you have a great example in your dad.
I don't know what I did to deserve you. You are a fantastic baby. I can only imagine the suffering you will inflict on us as a teenager as payback. Either that, or our second child will be Beelzebub's spawn. I guess we will wait and see.
Love, Mama

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Sano Family said...

Remington - You are soooo cute!!! and very lucky to have a mom and dad who are so crazy about you. Keep growing. Love, Grandma