Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The joys of Baxter

We have almost reached the two year mark of Baxter coming into our lives. Keith adopted him without my knowledge when we lived in Pueblo. Since then, he has caused joy and pain, made us laugh hysterically, pooped out both ends (don't ask), traveled across half the country, snuggled us during thunderstorms, eaten rat poison, licked frogs, and learned tricks. It is guaranteed that he will pluck a wet towel out of the laundry basket and roll around on it in order to transfer the smell to himself. He also does this with earthworms, anything dead in the yard, and with the goo cockroaches leave on the floor after they die. Why he insists on rolling in stink is beyond me. It is one of his lesser qualities
Despite the need to be stinky, he has always boosted my spirits and been my constant little companion while Keith has worked and traveled. Bax displays the perfect amount of affection, neediness and independence. He is gentle with Remington and makes sure Niles stays in line. We just love him and hope he has many good years to come.


Piper said...

good ole' Baxtee.

and what about the pooping out both ends?

Callie said...

Oh, Baxter. How I miss him so