Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Growing up.

R had his 2 month appointment with the doc today. I timed everything perfectly, from my shower to feeding him to taking the dogs out. However, I failed to leave enough time to get shat upon by an explosive baby, a time bomb if you will. It was really as if he weren't wearing a diaper at all, because when I went to clean him up, he diaper was almost completely empty. I guess this is cosmic payback for laughing at Keith when a seagull pooped on his neck in Galveston...He says I am officially a mommy now.


Em said...

ha ha ha ha ...Oh...I remember doing the same thing...timing everything perfectly, only for it to end up being a MESS! :) You are officially a MOMMY!!!! :) that's so funny!

-I tagged you...check out my most recent post!

Piper said...

i love that i was there for the seagull episode.

Rachel said...

Ah the poop explosions. Oh yes, I remember those days. Especially when you are on your way to an important appt!!!