Sunday, May 25, 2008


I don't even like Michael Buble, but on nights like these I feel like I want to go home. Home isn't really a place, but the feeling you get when you are with the people you love. I have little Remington, of course. And I love the feeling when we visit the Piper family here in Houston, but it's nights without Keith that I really miss Utah and the family we have there. It's especially hard in the summer when all my favorite festivities are taking place. I know my family probably went to visit the cemetery for the annual sunset bagpipe ceremony tonight. I guess I'm just a little melancholy.
I'm lucky I know, but I want to go home.


Candice and Keith said...

Keith here. How sad. Too bad you're stuck in Texas with me FOREVER. Wa HA HA Ha (evil laugh)! When you miss Utah, just remember all the things that suck about it. Everything is closed on Sunday, pesty neighbors that won't leave you alone, bad seafood and barbecue, the "holier than thou's", absurd home prices, the rank odor of the Great Salt Lake, scraping ice off the windshield, frozen door locks, idiots in trucks/SUVs that drive 80 mph on the freeway during a snowstorm, x96 morning show, Bountiful traffic, thats really all I can think of. Actually I miss it too. But try to make the best of what you have. We've had fun everywhere we've lived. We always talk fondly of San Diego, Pueblo, even Orem (thanks to Guz and the Cruzeseses). Perhaps someday we'll return to the promised land, perhaps. Don't despair, I love you. Come visit me, we'll go to the beach. Something you can't do in Utah!

Piper said...
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Piper said...

I feel your pain sister. But keith does have many a good points about the sucky things, but it is easy when you are sad to only thing about the good things and the sucky things don't seem all that bad. But we'll make it through. When you move back, I'll move back deal?

Mike and Brenna said...

We wish you were here too.
I was hoping you could tell me your routine with Remington. Mom said he sleeps through the night. I'm praying I'll get that lucky. Will you write it our for me?


Em said...

Oh, I know that feeling, twin...I went to the cemetary on Sun. with Jeremy's family, and I thought of you. Hope you can come visit soon!

Lynne Piper said...

Hi Candice:

We just took a vote amongst the 4 of us Texas Pipers and it was pretty much 4-0 in favor of you staying. Sorry!!

It was great seeing you guys the other night. By the way, Vicki was suggesting I freeze some of your cookies...forget that! They're almost gone.