Thursday, May 29, 2008

So long, May. Hello Hurricane Season?

Well, hurricane season officially begins on Sunday, so let the fun begin! This is my second hurricane season in the Gulf. We were really fortunate to miss any big storms last year, but the local news outlets love to make you think it is the end of the world every time a wave develops off the coast of Africa. Last year, when a storm appeared to be heading towards us, I went with my neighbor to Sam's Club, Target, Kroger, Walmart, and Randall's and their was not ONE bottle of water in sight. After seeing how badly people react to these storms, I am going to make sure I stock up on water, food, and diapers this year. Especially considering we are not in an evacuation zone (which basically means everyone who does evacuate comes towards us.) Callie was nice enough to give me a NOAA weather radio/TV with flashlight last year, but I am hoping I will never have a need for it! I guess it all comes down to being prepared. However, somehow my subconscious thinks that if I don't prepare for a storm than a storm will never come. Stupid, but true.
Here's a satellite image of Katrina. Like looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.