Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Keith here. I have been feeling patriotic recently for no particular reason. I thought I'd share 10 things I love about the old U.S. of A. I encourage others to do the same. (guilt trip attempt)

10. Free market.
I read a story about a Russian that came to America. The thing that really left an impression with the person was toothpaste. He was shocked by all the different kinds there were. He said that there is only one brand of everything over there. Can you imagine only having one-ply toilet paper available at the store! I would revolt!

9. Our ability to learn from mistakes and progress as a Nation.
Slavery, womens rights (voting), Jim Crow, etc. I think it is awesome that we as a people can recognize a wrong, convince enough people that it is wrong and then make correct changes. The problem is that people can take it too far, in my opinion. Ending slavery, which cost the US about 600,000 men, and ensuring equal rights isn't enough for some people. They want racial favoritism. I thought the idea was that skin color doesn't matter. It is sad that the victims of racism have become the racists. But they are free to argue their case and try to convince us they're right. The problem now is that instead of the people deciding how to steer the nation, nine men and women in black robes are trying to do the driving.

8. Trying to do the right thing.
While I am sure that not all Americans agree that this is a good thing, I like that we at least try to do the right thing as a Nation. For instance, Israel. A fierce little dog surrounded by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves. We have been supporting the Israelis for a long time. Yes, it is in our National interest to see a democracy flourish in the region, but it is also a moral obligation to support our allies, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Also US charities. While liberals try to force charity through taxation, I find it funny that mean nasty conservatives actually donate more of their income to private charities. We are a charitable people. When disasters occur at home or overseas it seems that the American people have always been willing to help out. P.S. Little factoid, Americans give more to charity when taxed less. Stupid liberals.

7. The Melting Pot.
While I am fiercely opposed to illegal immigration, I love seeing so many different cultures. Everyone in this Country is an immigrant. Yes, even the Indians. They just got here before Columbus. Anyway, I love going to little Italy areas or China towns.
I just want everyone to learn English and wave the American flag. You don't have to give up your culture, just become an American. I like seeing Americans who came from Mexico. I hate seeing the Mexicans living in the USA. Waving their Mexican flags, supporting ILLEGAL immigration, etc. If you are going to come here, you have to join us. How can a country unite if we all speak different languages and rally under different flags?

6. The Beauty
Ever wonder why Arabs are so pissed off all the time. Well one of the reasons, aside from homely women, is that they live in a giant kitty litter box. We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. On top of that, we can choose what climate we want to live in. We are free to live in the dirty, sweaty South, or the icy North. The rugged mountains of the West, or the tropics of southern Florida.

5. Term Limits
Even though I love Bush (I think I'm the only one), I am glad we have term limits. Especially when I look at the candidates for 2008. Perhaps an exception should have been made for Reagen though. I think term limits should be set for all elected officials. Senate, Congress, Mayor, Governor, Supreme Court Justices, etc. I think people lose their sense of reality when they are in Washington or other office for too long. I also think McCain/Feingold is lame because it ensures that only rich people can run for office.

4. American Ingenuity
It is stunning how much technology comes out of American minds. Over 90% of medical advances and breakthroughs come from America. The internet, cars, airplanes, smart bombs, the Second Amendment, it is amazing what this young country has come up with.

3. The Founders Wisdom
I am glad we had such wise men back then. Their little experiment turned out pretty well. Can you imagine this place if they didn't have the foresight to come up with the Bill of Rights. It would be a mess. I read Jefferson and think, wow, I could never write like that. I can't help but think that we are getting dumber as a people. (Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Al Gore) I know we as a whole are more educated, but I think our higher learning institutions have become more lame. Being college educated used to mean something. Now it is just a more expensive high school. It has become un-challenging and are offering courses on ridiculous subjects like gay and lesbian studies instead of focusing on real subjects like finance, usable math, writing, etc. I wonder how many college grads that took advanced math like Calculus and Trigonometry can't figure out the interest on their credit cards or how much they need to invest now, and how, in order to retire with a nice nest egg and not have to suck off the governmental teat when they get old.

2. We Are All Born Naked
I love that no matter how poor you were born and raised, anyone can overcome class and other social constraints. I love that you can be what you want to be. It may be more or less difficult based on individual circumstances, but there are no real barriers if one is determined enough, only imagined ones. Look at Abe Lincoln. Dirt poor, ugly as sin, beast of a wife, lost multiple elections, and still became one of the greatest Presidents ever.

1. Freedom
While we may not be as free as I would like, we are the most free people in the world with the most opportunities. Our relatively young country has done more good in the world than any other. There are too many examples of that to mention. We are not perfect. But we are the closest anyone has ever gotten to it. I am very lucky to be a part of the USA. I love it and I will fight and kill for it. I wish everyone was as proud to be an American as I am.


Rachel said...

Not all liberals think you should be forced into donating to charity! ;)

I just wish that more people would get involved with organizations that they care about. Whether through monetary donations, volunteering, advocacy, etc. It makes me happy when people are passionate about what they belive in. Even if I might disagree with some of it...Keith. heehee :)

Good post, hope you guys are doing well!

The Smith Family said...

Candice - I LOVE it! You say so much of what I feel in this post. And you say it well. Thanks for the encouraging words!

Sano Family said...

Keith - I am so glad that you are proud to be an American and I know that you are sincere in that declaration. I am sure that your ancestors are pleased to know that their military service is not forgotten or unappreciated. You have also put your money/safety/time where you mouth is with your service. Thanks for daring to share your feelings and thoughts. I am proud of you!!!

The Smith Family said...

Sorry for giving credit to Candice for the post... Matt told me to re-read the first line. "Keith here" should have given it away. :-)

D + M said...

Keith thanks for being so patriotic! I agree that we are soo blessed to be in the good old US of A!! After living in a different country it really gave me a deeper appreciation for what we take for granted having so much freedom and abilities here! Thanks for your post I loved it!

Blue skies from now on said...

Good thoughts all of them and good blog too.
The best part is my last name is REMINGTON! You have a handsome boy in the Remington tradition and I'm sure he is quite intelligent as well.