Monday, June 28, 2010

My Beebees

Oh, how I love them!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adventure of the day

Imagine my surprise to find a lonely little turtle turned upside-down on my raised wood deck this afternoon! I can't figure out how he got up there, unless Baxter gave him a ride. At first I thought Baxter had killed it, so I continued feeding Remi his lunch. Ten minutes go by and I take a peek outside. The dumb thing was flailing about trying to right itself. I picked it up and poured some water over it, thinking it might like a little moisture, and waited for it to come out of it's shell. He finally peeked out to say hello...
I didn't have time to find it a proper place before naptime, so I placed it in Keith's crawfish pot with a strawberry top and 3 peas, thinking it might be hungry...
I had a fleeting thought that we might like to have a turtle around, that is until I saw Remi's reaction. When I asked if we should take him to the water, Remi nodded furiously. You would have thought the Black Plague had stopped by for dinner. Remi was repulsed by that thing. Turtle sat in his pot while I drove to the gas station and then over to the drainage ditch where lots of turtles like to hang out.
Turtle was happy to be back in the sunshine and out of his pot. He popped his head out to say goodbye.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Children's Museum then and now

Chrildren's Museum of Houston August 2009 vs June 2010


Marshall pours into his borrowed purple bumbo so perfectly. Remi thinks it's his funny chair. As a matter of fact, I caught him climbing on top of the table to sit in it, something he has NEVER attempted. We are in trouble now!
Notice how tightly curled his toes are!

Pure concentration

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Queen of the Cupcake!

My dear friend just started a new cupcake blog: Queen of the Cupcake
It features her reviews of cupcakes from shops around the country!
Stop on over! If you have a true love of all things cupcake, become a follower!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Remington gives me a kiss every morning when I get him out of bed. He give Marshall and the dogs kisses, too.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Strange Smile

With the humidity so great, every glass in the house sweats as soon as cold liquid is poured inside. This is who I met when I lifted my glass yesterday:
A smiley face with hair. It stayed that way all day, didn't even dry out. Hmm.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Marshall Newletter: Month Three

Nicknames: Mister, Monkey, Migiddy Marsh, Baby, Maushau,

Dear Marshall,

Today you turn three months old.

At least, That is what the calendar claims. Your body size would suggest otherwise! You are broaching NINE MONTH OLD baby outfits. You are a long fella, that is for sure. You've got a bit of girth, too!

Despite being a monster-sized baby, you are the apple of everyone's eye. Even Remi can't resist giving you about 20 kisses a day. I hope this affection lasts the rest of your lives! You have had visitors and met new people this month. You met my dad and his darling wife Christine, Gigi, Great-Grandma Mary, my cousins Morgan and Teryn. It seems like I've barely held you because someone is always aching for a baby snuggle, and you are the king of snuggling. Even your great-grandma Mary fell under your spell, even though you were crying at the time. When she picked you up, your cries turned to what we call "telling us about it," with a quasi-cry/talk.

You have hit my favorite milestone...sleeping through the night!!! The last week or so has yielded many nights where you sleep anywhere from 7-10 hours!!! Oh how I love you for this. I almost feel like a normal person again!

We've had a nasty bug come to our house for a visit this month. First Remi, then you, then Dada. It's actually the sickest I've seen any of my boys, so it was hard to witness. There was an entire day you spent crying because you couldn't breathe well enough to eat. It was heartbreaking but all is well again. While Dada was sick he had to miss a week of work, which means we got him all to ourselves for 3 whole weeks! I love any chance you have to get to spend time with him, even with everyone is miserable with the sniffles.

Other little tidbits:
-You like the car, but only if it is moving
-Giggled for the first time while I was giving you a bath today!
-You really like people that have rough voices
-You will smile at anyone that will give you the time of day.
-The only time you cry during the course of a normal day is when I'm trying to take a shower
-You goo-goo to Dada on Skype
-You are quite nearly on the same sleep schedule as Remi. I almost get some peaceful afternoons around here!
-You can sleep in like a champ! I love that you take after me!

We are continually delighted to have you in our lives! What did we do without you???

Keep us smiling!


I found you craning your neck one night while trying to fall asleep in your swing. I hold you with my left arm, so I can't only guess that were were trying to find Mama for comfort. You were trying so hard, it took everything I had not to disturb your sleep!
We took lots of walks before it got too hot and buggy
Three months old and ready to eat some grub!
My blanket!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Long time.

I'll just let some pictures do the talking.