Friday, March 20, 2009

Terrier Cake

Remi had this great little puppy cake for his Houston birthday party:
The cake was made from a red velvet mix. The furnishings and collar were sprinkles. I definelty need to level the pieces next time, but I was in a huge hurry to get it done. We got the idea from the following website:Honeycomb Cottage: Scottish Terrier Cake It was so cute! Keith thinks I have made a dangerous precedent!

He doesn't like cake!

Why I'm proud

Keith has become such a strong moral compass in my life.

Yesterday, after spending $100 at Lowe's, we loaded up the car. Keith stopped and asked to look at the receipt. He thought we might not have paid for two pricey halogen light bulbs. Sure enough, the cashier had forgotten to scan them. Barely pausing to think about it, Keith marched back in and paid for the bulbs. How easy it would have been to continue on our way and consider it a mistake in our favor. I know Keith doesn't believe in karma, but 15 minutes later we stopped at the gas station for some fountain drinks and the cashier gave them to Keith for free. It seemed like a nice little perk for being honest.

I am brimming over with pride that Remi has such a wonderful example of what a man should be.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patty

Breaking News! Please watch! We crack up every time we watch this. Only in Alabama.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Newsletter: Month Twelve

Dear Remington,

Today you turn 1 year old!

I know it's cliche to ask, but where has the time gone??? One year ago today, 5:06pm to be exact, you were delivered by emergency c-section. An event I both want to erase from my memory and never forget. We took some time getting used to each other, you would scowl at me all throughout your feedings and hold a fist to your cheek, and in return, I might have waited a little too long to rouse when you cried for milk at 3am. Now I feel like we have a nice rhythm going. You cooperate with everything I put you through, whether it be placing you in your pack and play so I can get 5 more minutes of sleep in the morning or experimenting with the texture and taste of your homemade baby food.We marked your twelve month with a visit from Aunt Katie. You adore her! She is a great aunt because she treats you like a dude, not a fragile flower. She spoiled you with clothes and lots of play time. Katie was on our flight when we traveled to Utah. You slept the majority of the flight, half of the time in my arms and half of the time in hers.While in Utah, Katie and the Sanos threw you a fabulous faux birthday party. You got wonderful clothes, toys and treats. We tried to get you to eat a cupcake, but it was to no avail. I ended up smearing frosting on your face just to get a good picture.
Utah post to follow. You had the best time getting to know all of your Utah family! You are particulary fond of the men in your life, namely Bubba, Grandpa Frank and Papa Gaga (Dave) and Roger. You came around to the Grandmas and other girls too! You loved the commotion that the kids cause, but you didn't really care to have any of them hold you!Other tidbits for this month:
-Not sure how to interact with other kids, you like to knock on their heads
-Actually, you like to knock on everything
-Rips baby wipes to shreds the second you get them
-Learned the motion for "up" and "all done"
-Try to "woof woof" when I ask you what a dog says
-Sat in a car cart for the first time
-Moved car seat to forward facing, you're so proud!
-You LOVE commercials, advertising really works on you!
-You are still in love with "Wheel of Fortune," you clap whenever the audience claps
-You are bravely taking as many steps as you can
-You are not sleeping through the night right now, you wake up anywhere from 1 to 7 times
-You love the song "If you're happy and you know it"
-The dogs are beginning to tolerate you more
-At this point, you still only have two teeth
We continue to be amazed by your sweet personality and your good sense of humor. A day without much laughter is rare, especially when daddy is around! You are a great sport when we travel on long car rides or skip the occasional nap. We LOVE you!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

He IS my son!

I was so excited one afternoon as a baby bird boy toddled over to see what I was eating for lunch. It happened to be these vegetarian Veggie Patch chick'n nuggets and Remo desperately wanted a bite. I gave him a small chunk and he wandered away, distracted by the dogs. Today I decided to be bold and give him TWO WHOLE NUGGETS for lunch. He loved them! Loved every last crumb! I've never been so proud! Maybe I will have the little vegetarian I always dreamed of!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Papa Gaga and Mama SheShe

Remi loved his Papa Gaga and Mama SheShe! They were so good to him. Papa Gaga was always good for a giggle and Mama SheShe was always good for a snuggle!

Baby stinky feet

Remi loved playing with Grandma Sano on our trip! He wasn't even insulted when she jumped away after getting a whiff of his feet! They have a great new game to play when she gets to town next week!

Yes, I like this kid...

But I'm really loving the mountains reflected in the windows! Mountains are one of the many things I miss about Utah. Remi and I had a great time at Ikea with Callie and Caleigh (also lovingly referred to as 'tomato' and 'toMAHto' by Keith) two people I can truly appreciate that store with!

Good food, better friends

Had a lovely time out at dinner with some of my good high school friends while in Utah. I miss them! I also especially miss those who couldn't make it!