Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life with one car

Keith recently sold his Mazda Tribute (worst car ever.) Since he only works two weeks out of the month we decided to see what it would be like only having the 4 Runner for a bit while we look for the perfect car. It hasn't been too bad. However, everyone I have spoken with is baffled by our decision. They think I have made myself a prisoner. My friends around here are the ones that are inconvenienced. I can't go to hang out with them during the day unless they come and pick me up. I have had countless offers from people offering to take me places, but I do better without a car because it keeps me from shopping aimlessly at Target. A neighbor gave me a veiled insult by saying she is too independent to have her husband have control of the vehicle. Another woman I know actually scoffed at me when I told her that if I got desperate enough, I would just walk to the grocery store. What is the big deal? It's 1/2 a mile away and it is almost consistently 65 degrees here in the winter. We haven't felt the effects of saving money on the car payment, gas, maintenance or insurance yet, but I'm kinda digging this simpler way of life. If I want to get all hippie about it, I'm reducing my carbon footprint, too. Take that, Al Gore. On a good day Keith gets home by 2pm anyway, so our day continues nicely after that. Even if he doesn't, it encourages me to take the boys for a walk. These walks have helped me to lose almost 65 lbs since Rems was born. I can't complain!


Blue Ribbon Family said...

We have been a one car family (with 3 kids) for over 3 years. It is a nice little thing, and I got many of the same things you did when we did it.

Just sit back, relax, and you will be just fine. If you have to get out, walking isnt such a bad thing. We are even an almost TV free family (the only show we watch is American Idol). So, it can be tricky, but completely worth it! Good luck!

Guzman Family said...

We're going to sell my little Jetta. People do think it's weird when you have only one car. Well, I think they are there!

the Eggett's said...

65 pounds? GO CANDICE!

I really admire people who go without things they don't need!

Piper said...

screw you're stupid friends!! and you are getting that much closer to being a hippie my love!!