Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nature's Fireworks

So there we were, just minding our own business, when a nasty little thunderstorm comes passing through on the 4th. We usually pay no mind to the thunder, Baxter just needs a little extra comforting. Keith and I were making room for a weight bench in the gym in the back corner of the house upstairs. We were both standing near the doorway when we heard an enormous house-shaking BOOM! The BOOM! was so loud it even set off our burglar alarm. After running into check on a snoozing Remington, Keith gets a call from the neighbor telling us that he witnessed a tree in our yard get hit by lightning. Once the rain let up a little, Keith went to investigate... This is what he discovered:
Look to the tree left of the chimney towards the top of the picture
A closer look. Our chimney (which runs along the room we were standing next to) is in the bottom right corner:
Keith originally thought this was a rat. On closer inspection, we realize it is a squirrel that met it's untimely and fiery end in that very tree. Tail completely singed, blackened to a crisp.
Probably a Cajun delicacy.
Luckily no one was hurt (besides the squirrel) but as the night wore on, we began discovering things that had gotten fried: internet modem, wireless router, Keith's laptop power cord, garage door opener, alarm system, sprinkler system, a few outlets around the house, neighbor's cable and internet boxes. That evening while I was washing my face, I noticed that the water looked red. I turned on the bathtub to find that dirt was pouring out of the faucet, possibly an after effect of the lightning. So I finished rinsing my face with dirt water and ran the faucet for a good 15 minutes. That problem seemed to clear up by itself, and I am so glad that everyone is okay! Remington even slept through it all!
Just a side note: It's funny how much you think you need internet when you don't have it for three days. Actually not funny, pathetic more like.


Sano Family said...

I absolutely love the way you guys tell your story!! I laugh my head off every time I hear about your escapades! This one was a little too scary for my comfort. How often does something like that happen around Kingwood? Thank heaven it was not more serious. We send our condolences to the squirrel. In memoriam we could write a song like the Sano favorite about the Squirrel who went bizerk in Pascagoula!!!

Piper said...

poor squirrel. and yeah we modern humans are pathetic in our internet fixation... i am guilty as charged

Em said...

Scary!!! Glad you are all ok, and glad Rem slept through it all!!! I love the Cajun delicacy....ha ha make me laugh!!