Thursday, July 17, 2008

Doy doy doy

Keith has really only had two 'blonde' moments since I met him.
1. I added him as a user on one of my credit cards when we first got married. When the card arrived in the mail, I asked him to do the responsible thing and sign the back of the card. I gave him a pen and left the room. I come back and find him furiously digging the pen into the back of the card. He proceeds to curse about the stupid credit card companies making cards that are impossible to write on. I take the card and find that he has quite thoroughly etched his name into the magnetic strip, and he honestly didn't see the spot for his signature.
2. (Keith told me this story, so I writing it how he told it) While training in Louisiana, he was driving with a group of guys to go get dinner. They were looking for a specific restaurant, but were getting lost, so Keith was reading the names of each cross street as he passed them, and every street happened to be named after a president. His friend told him to turn right at the next street, which should be Washington. Keith read the sign and said 'This isn't Washington this is "Beegan". Who the hell was President "Beegan"?' The sign actually read 'One Way Begin' and he didn't realize it until after his friend pointed it out. Everyone in the car got a good laugh.
Times like these make me love him even more.

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Piper said...

the credit card one is pretty hilarious. and I'm sure pres. beegan would've appreciated the street confusion.