Thursday, July 10, 2008


This morning I was rinsing off my breakfast dishes and staring out the back window when I saw the fence slowly give birth to a big beautiful brown bunny. This same bunny has been the source of many woes for Baxter, because he is never quite quick enough to catch it. It brought back a distant memory of reading along with a recording of The Velveteen Rabbit by Margaret Williams. The woman reading the story had a soft and sad voice (just found out the narrator is Meryl Streep.) The book always stirred up my strong fears of abandonment similar to the Velveteen Rabbit being tossed aside. So strong that I still remember a recurring dream I had as a child. My mother and I were in a beautiful desert oasis. Four beautifully dressed Victorian women fanning themselves came and convinced my mother to join them with the promise of fancy dresses and a better lifestyle. So she left me there. I recall begging and pleading with her not to leave. I would wake up sobbing and run to my mom's bedroom to make sure she was still in bed.

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Piper said...

god that's depressing

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