Monday, January 3, 2011

Marshall Newsletter: Ten Months

Dear Marshall,

Today you turn 10 months old.

You are a crawling, whirling, dervish...

I have never known a baby to be so on the move. You only just started crawling this month but you are a seasoned pro by now. With crawling came climbing, standing, scooting, and oh, falling. Lots and lots of falling. I tried barricading you on the carpet like I did with Remi and what did you do? Crawled over a pile of pillows taller than you and landed head first right onto the tile floor. My back was literally turned for 30 seconds. Big bruise. I earned the award for worst mom ever that day.

You love chasing Remi up the stairs and taking a bath in the evening with him. He worries about you when he hears you crying on the baby monitor and he starts to cry if he thinks we are leaving you in the car when we run errands. He loves you, yes, but that doesn't mean you are immune from his fury, either! Luckily you are quick to forgive, but he has been in timeout more times this month than ever before, all because he knocks you over or bops you on the head when you least expect.

You are scared of small black animals, but for some reason not of our dogs.

We celebrated your first Christmas (early this year, Dada had to work Christmas day) and your first New Year (you slept through the noisy fireworks.)

You love to snuggle and somehow always end up in bed with me by morning.

You are a great eater! Your favorite thing on the planet is cottage cheese. You also love what I like to call "Turkey Crack" or Gerber Puffs.

You want to hold my phone and you babble to whoever is on the other line.

You are not a good sleeper. Sometimes you wake up 6 times before midnight. However, you are learning to fall asleep without being held. I'm afraid your days of yelling yourself to sleep may be over. A little bittersweet, if I'm being honest.

You finally graduated from your infant car seat. I think you are really proud to be a big boy. That, and this guarantees that you get to sit up in shopping carts, one of your favorite things to do. Freedom! Naps in the car are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

You are my snuggly little lovebug. A perfect addition to our growing family. You complement us in the best ways.

I love you.


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