Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 5 of a healthier me!

Week 4 goal is going pretty well.
This week I personally walked the dogs four times and they were walked a total of six times.

Week 5 goal:
Lift weights 4 times a week.
We have the facilities...I've just been lazy


em said...

good for you, twin!! are you sore? if you are interested in trying something cool out, google from couch to 5k to get a running/walking training program that will build you up to running a 5k. kinda fun...
are you sore?

Cruze Family said...

I love your goals, and you seem to be sticking to them better than I do with my goals. I've been doing some strength training too and it is fun, I can see improvement quicker than with walking or aerobics. good luck!