Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mulching Man

Keith is the mulching man around here. This is a big accomplishment considering how much we procrastinate doing our yard work!


Sano Family said...

Looks good, looks real, real good!! What did you use for mulch?
Did we ever tell you about the time, when we lived in Mobile,that I convinced Dad that we should put all the leaves from 14+ trees in our yard on to our 10 X 20 garden plot and use them for MULCH. The next Spring we had to dig through 3 feet of leaves to find the dirt. I learned that year that too much mulch is not good AND that in order to compost, it must be tilled into the soil.Rightfully so, since that time he questions most of my yard advice.
You are much smarter than we were!!!!
Love you.

Kim & Danny said...

Candice, that look so good! can you send him to utah to make our yard look nice? We pulled a tree out that covered our entire yard two years ago, and still gotten around to doing anything about the big dirt hole our yard is.

Guzman Family said...

Keith needs to teach Alex to be productive on the weekends. Other than checking fantasy football stats all day! :)