Monday, October 6, 2008

Thank you shmoo!

Keith spent many hours (and I DO mean hours) installing a beautiful new faucet to refresh our kitchen. Our old faucet must have been original to the house, which is 26 years old. It was so gross and I never had any idea if I was going to get hot or cold water. It had two very old soap dispensers on either side that were broken. On top of that he had to install new supply lines and replace one of the drains. Keith finally got every little piece he needed after about 5 trips to Ace and Home Depot. This is the lovely result:
I love the sprayer:
I'm pretty proud of him and I think I only heard him swear once!


Piper said...

wow once!! that is a lot less than I would have!! very beautiful

Guzman Family said...

That is awesome!!! I wish I had a shiny new faucet too! :)