Monday, April 19, 2010

Meat, glorious meat!

Keith loves it when Bubba comes for a visit. It always means he gets to overload on MEAT, MEAT, MEAT!!! I don't know how he survives the other 51 weeks a year...
The week started out with ribs a plenty:
Who doesn't love a good smoked chicken (Keith said it was the best chicken he's ever had!)
Dig in, fells!
My least favorite event is the crawfish boil. It means that lots of nasty mud bugs come into the house alive, never again to return to the outside world. Let's just say I make myself scarce when it's time to throw them in the pot!
For a crawfush boil you will need some of these:
Some of those:
A couple of these:
Lots of nasty:
To make all of this:

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